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Amit Treks (Pvt) Ltd tourist service company that invites the curious people from round the world to the Himalayan Kingdom and introduces them to highest peak of the world, the birth place of the Buddha, the city of temples, the mythological history and civilization of Hinduism , the land of great diversities and many more. 

It is an innovative venture with a firm commitment of some enthusiastic youth to provide the customers with maximum satisfaction at limited expenses. With a variety of unique activities full of mysterious knowledge romance and adventure the tourist can make the best use of their precious moments on the lap of the indented features of the Himalayas among innumerable mysteries.

The various services we provide are really  a new taste is the tourism field since we are committed to surpass the traditional limitations of tourism which is so far under taken by no other companies in Nepal.

In spite of the growing popularity of tourism in Nepal, some hindrances have been created by some terrorizing political activities and unhealthy competition among the tourism business. Consequently, there is felt qualitative as well as quantities loss in Nepalese tourism industry. However we are of the belief that it will turn more prolific in the days to come. In such a condition when the government is liberalizing its tourism policies and  introducing various activities, it is sure that the future of tourism industry is undoubtedly brighter.

We would like to assure our visitors that they will of course, had a completely new taste and will find everything quite mysterious and appreciable.

We believe our guests will enjoy much the programs aimed to be conducted reflecting the hypsographical and cultural diversities from the Himalayas to the Terai and from East Nepal to West Nepal and thus will assimilate the pleasing realities. Undoubtedly our programs will prove genuine and creative largely. It will not be otherwise so assure that if once availed our service the tourist will be haunted by the panoramic memories forever since the tourist can avoid such satisfying services from our company till now. Considering the keen interest of the customers in informative and entertaining programs, we will try our best to help our guests have a great time.

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