Medicinal Herbs

   We are seeking for your support.                                                                                                                                                                                   We are exporting Medicinal herbs like Gentian, Chirretta, Madder Root, Dioscorea Deltoidea, Rockfoil, Aconite, Sweet Flag Root, Artemisia Vulrgaris, Allum Wallichi, Aconitum Palmalum etc to Kenya, Egypt and German. In these sector also we are planning in the near future for manufacturing, pharmaceutical drugs in joint venture collaboration.

Number of staffs: 30

Total investment: US$2 million.

Annual turn over: US$ 5 million.


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A- One Group Of Companies 
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Tel. no.: 977-1-243913, 977-1-261725
Fax no. :977-1-245774
Mobile no. : 981024391.
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