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NEPAL, THE HIMALAYAN KINGDOM, offers you almost every type of adventure you are seeking. Be it mountaineering, trekking, sightseeing or rafting, Nepal has no equal in the world. Nepal is the land of the SAGARMATHA (Mt. Everest 8848m) and KANCHANJUNGA (8586m) the highest and third highest peaks in the world, challenging your ambition to look down from the highest point on earth.Nepal is also known as TREKKER'S PARADISE and to trek in the hills of Nepal is an experience by itself. Trekking in Nepal is free from seasonal and age limitation and the possibilities are unlimited. To suit special interests such as bird watching, observing flora and fauna, butterfly collection or just to be with nature, there is no better way than to trek in the network of track and trails of the hills of Nepal that are as old as the civilization itself. River rafting offers another mode of adventure travel in Nepal. It is not also physically demanding as trekking but offers some of same rewards.

Wildlife reserves, with a variety of species provided you plenty of scope. Some of the national parks are also well facilitated with good accommodations providing Elephant safaris to see the famous one-horned Rhino and Tiger at close proximity. Staying at these jungle lodges and the Elephant ride through the tangled mass of bamboo and grass fields thrilling experiences.

The festivals of Nepal are some of the most colorful parts of the Nepalese religion and cultural life. Festivals such as Rato Machchendranath Jatra, Indra Jatra, Dashain, Tihar and the likes are celebrated in Nepal with great pomp and pageantry and have attracted visitors every year from all over the world. The important aspect of Nepali culture is the religious harmony and understanding prevailing among the Hindus and Buddhists. Moreover, Nepal is also the birthplace of Lord Buddha, the apostle of peace and compassion.

From the time immemorial, Nepal is being bedecked with innumerable master pieces of art and architecture. Be it painting, sculpture, woodcarving or architecture, Nepal offers an incomparable scope. Kathmandu, the capital city possesses such a unique repository of temples and stupas, Old palaces, squares, historical monuments, age old tradition and legends.

Pokhara, the Lake City of Nepal, situated 200km.west of Kathmandu, provide ample opportunity for fishing, swimming, canoeing, and boating along with sight seeing of majestic panoramic view on its background. The people of Nepal are known all over the world for their simplicity, frankness and friendly nature. They are hospitable and to treat a guest as god is still a religious and social traditional of Nepalese life.