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Bhaktapur is clean, calm and quiet. Nepal's best preserved ancient city, it is one of the nation's least polluted townships as well. While here, visitors not only enjoy close-up views of the majestic monuments, magnificent mountains and the creative men best known for their long traditions of art, culture and craftsmanship, but also explore a different dimension of human civilization. So, come, visit Bhaktapur and get an experience of a lifetime.


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Om Charan Amatya

The Heritage Group,
Bhaktapur, Nepal.
Phone/Fax: 242379, 610770 (R);
E-mail: bhaktapur@htp.com.np

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Bhaktapur Municipality

Durbar Squae, Bhaktapur, Nepal.
Phone: 610310, 610096, 613043; Fax: 613206;
E-mail: bhaktapur@htp.com.np


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