The Pashmina Company Nepal is a newly established, fast growing, Pashmina company, managed by a team of skilled managers with over ten years’ experience in the Pashmina business, based in Kathmandu, Nepal. We are proud to have accounted substantially for the success of the companies we have worked for. We are now in quest of adding a new dimension to the Pashmina products with refreshing designs and professionalism in the trade with very best value for your money.

Pashmina is fine wool fiber, combed by hand from the fleecy underbelly of the rare Capra Hircus, a kind of mountain goats from Himalayas and Inner Mangolia. It is a high quality Pashmina yarn, made from finest fiber which is light, insulating, and the smaller the micron of fiber, the soften it feels.

All products of The Pashmina Company Nepal, made out of 100% Pashmina or combination of fine and high quality of Endi silk blend of China with, are dyed by light and high quality, unique with shaded from the most delicate pastes of the boldest primary colors. All of them are guaranteed hand woven, hand dyed and hand finished by skilled women of Nepal in highest standards.

Pashmina products had been using from the time of middle age by Raja, Maharaja in India as symbol of aristocrats, used for wedding gifts and elegance.

The Choice of Products:


100% Pashmina

Double ply. Size: 40 by 80 Inc. Count: 60
70% Pashmina and 30% Silk Size: 40 by 80 Inc. Count: Pashmina 28 & Silk 210.
80% Pashmina and 20% Silk. Double ply Size: 40 by 80 Inc.
100% Pashmina, Size:   40 by 80 Inc. Count: 26
70% Pashmina & 30% Silk Size: 40 by 80 Inc. Count: 60
Stole: 100% Pashmina Double ply Size: 28 by 78 Inc. Count: 60
70% Pashmina and 30% Silk Size: 28 by 78 Inc. Count: 45
Muffler: 70% Pashmina and 30% Silk Size: 20 by 65 Inc. Count: Pashmina 28, Silk- 210.
70% Pashmina and 30% Silk Size: 12 by 60 Inc Count: Pashmina 28, Silk- 210
Fabric: 70% Pashmina and 30% Silk Width: 54 Inc. Count: Pashmina 28, Silk- 210
Shirt: 70% Pashmina and 30% Silk (For Ladies & Gents)

Guarantee of Products:

Final products only comes to you after going through 18 different departments and strictly checked and approved by our well experienced supervisor. We are very confident that finest of our products only reaches to you. If our products do not satisfy you, return it to us unused so we will exchange them or return your money promptly.


After placing an order with detailed of products, numbers, sizes, colors and time of delivery, we will mail you as your instruction soonest possible.

Additional Pashmina Products:

If you can’t find the product of Pashmina you are interested here, please do feel free to write us with the details so we shall be pleased to response you all the information promptly.

Beaded Twist &
Beaded border with silver and gold beading


Pashmina Shirts

100% Pashmina Double Ply

Twisted Frill

tbarrow.gif (119 bytes) Shaded color.

tbarrow.gif (119 bytes) All Double ply or double ply on the length and single ply on the width.

tbarrow.gif (119 bytes) Rug, bed-sheet, fabric- any size of your order.

For Trekking in Nepal

Nepal Sanctuary Treks


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PO Box: 5493, Kathmandu, Nepal.
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