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Remember Thamel House Restaurant and its Buingal Bar - a traditional restaurant with fine cuisine - when you fell like a drink and/or a meal.

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Whilst walking about the busy streets of Thamel, you will come across a traditional houe, built in a pagoda architectural style appended with marvelously aborned woodcarved windows, doors and long past brick walls. At a glance, you will begin to admire that the building has been taken care of so lovingly and graciously that it is clean and well-,aintained. This is the Thamel House Restaurant - a traditional restaurant with fine cuisine.

It should be interesting to learn that this Thamel House Restaurant building was built over a hundred year ago for an affluent Newar family. The Kathmandu Valley's building and predominant carving skills were very fine then. However this building never intended to have the bewildering art and unintelligible concentration found in some other contemporary construction in the valley. It is, instead, bewitched with tranquil concept of cosiness and a something place to relax in.

Inside, the restaurant's tasteful overspread decore blends with the olden atmosphere of the house. The ceilings have been painted over simply. The original rough wood after of the >>Buingal<< attic has been retained; the traditional old plaster in >>Leun<< (rice husk + cow dung + cohesive soil) has been whitewahed. Floors are done with brick title paving. Such preservation of old ways of living enjoins your visit to Thamel House Restaurant with not only dining treat but also elucidates an altogether different but distinguished cultural flavours of the restaurant.

You will love its dining spaces. You may choose to sit in Asian style on the floor and eat on a foot-high table, or you may choose to take your seat on dinning chairs and tables. The worth seeing item in any old style Nepalese house in their kitchen on roof floor where they cook and dine; and it is called buingal. Therefore, wittingly the >>Buingal<< of this house has bas been converted into a bar and this attic is called >>Buingal Bar<<.

The service of Thamel House Restaurant is always courteous. Our staff all the time hold theselves in readiness to pay attention to everything you want. We do serve the best of Contrinental and Nepalese cuisine, as well as a veriety of international snacks.

Among Chinese food we offer are Wanton Soup, Chicken Mushroom Bamboo shoot, and Thamel House Special. Crisp Chopsuey Noodles are the favourites of our regular clients and we are specially proud of our Prawn Noodles.

In the Nepalese food category, we strongly recommended you to taste Ma-ma Cha. Most Nepalese will tell you that these meat dumpling are their one of the best foods. Bandel Tareko is fried wild boar. We offer Alo Tareko in a traditional Potato fried also a boiled version of wild boar meat. Sukuti is meat dried in Newari style - its taste is exotic.

Whatever food you decide to try at Thamel House Restaurant you tell us and you have a winning score ! We are sure that you will want to come back with splendid remarks again and again!!

For Reservations Ph # 410388

Opening Hours 11:00 AM 9:30 P.M.

(Transportation is available on request at a resonable price.)

P.O. Box: 995, Thamel Tole,
Kathmandu, Nepal. Ph # 410388

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