The perfect introduction to rural Nepal, our country walks offered from mid-September to mid-June are designed for the average visitor who is physically fit. Escorts are provided.



Namobuddha Walk :
The full-day walk to one of the main stupas visited by Tibetans is a pleasant hike through fields and villages. A short drive after breakfast takes you to Dhulikhel. From here you'll walk about thirty minutes up to Devistan, a small temple and excellent spot from which to view the Himalaya. After a short descent, a gradual climb of about ninety minutes brings you to Phulbari and a picnic lunch with panoramic mountain views. Then it's a ten minute walk to the legendary Namobuddha Stupa. Here, according to local legend, a prince discovered a starving tigress about to devour a boy. Out of compassion the prince offered his body to the tigress in the boy's place. His remains are said to be enshrined in the main stupa. After exploring the area a walk of about 21/2 hours takes you down to the charming medieval village of Panauti, a treasure house of ancient Newari architecture. From Panauti your vehicle will transport you back to the Resort.

Manegaon Walk :
This full-day walk is a great chance to explore the countryside and visit areas not often frequented by tourists. After breakfast a short drive takes you to the trailhead. The trail gradually ascends to about 7,000 feet, where a grand view of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks and the Panchkhal Valley are spread before you. Relax and take photos, then descend to Sashipani and a picnic lunch. After lunch follow the trail for about ninety minutes to Manegaon. You'll explore the village and surrounding area, including ancient monasteries, then continue on to the Panchkhal Valley to meet your vehicle and return to the Resort.

Palanchowk Walk :
This half-day walk combines breathtaking mountain views with a visit to a sacred temple. Following breakfast you'll drive about one hour to Palanchowk. Here you'll visit the Bhagawati Temple, which houses one of the most beautiful and important Bagawati images in Nepal. The stunning image is carved of black stone and decked with jewelry. From your hilltop vantage point you'll have a spectacular view of the Himalaya and the surrounding valleys. After exploring the mountain village of Palanchowk you'll walk down to the Panchkhal valley, following an old path used by local residents. Once you reach the Panchkhal Valley, your vehicle will meet you for the return to Dhulikhel.

Dhulikhel/Panauti Walk :
The half-day walk to Panauti is a delightful way to see the picturesque countryside and affords some excellent mountain views. After breakfast you'll drive to Dhulikhel, the start of your walk. Ascend gradually for about 30 minutes to a ridge where you'll want to take photos of the mountains. The walk continues along mountain trails for about two hours through charming villages and beautiful countryside to Panauti. After about 30 minutes exploring the town you will drive back to the Resort.

Baralgaon/Tinpipal Walk :
A half-day walk to Baralgaon and Tinpipal is a pleasant way to see village lifestyles. Following breakfast you'll walk to the predominantly Brahmin ( priestly caste ) and Chhetri ( warrior caste ) village of Baralgaon. After exploring the village, a walk of about 2 1/2 along ridges and through fields with views of green valleys and snow-capped peakes takes you to Tinpipal. Here your vehicle will meet you for the drive back to the Resort.

From mid-September to mid-June, a fun filled day of rafting on the Sun Kosi river offers a different look at rural Nepal. At about 9:00 am you'll drive up the Arniko Highway to the put-in point for the trip. Board your raft and the excitement begins. For the next hour you'll shoot rapids ranging from 1 to 3 on the Grand Canyon Scale ( 10 is the highest on the scale ). Then it's time for lunch on a picturesque beach where you can relax or explore the area. In the afternoon you'll float down river, through the spectacular Sun Kosi gorge, and on to Dolalghat, situated at the confluence of the Indrawati and Sun Kosi rivers. While your crew deflates the rafts and packs the gear you can explore the typical Nepali village. Ride back to the Resort to enjoy a Himalayan Sunset cocktail- the perfect end to a wonderful day.

Throughout the year the Resort's escorted excursions are a great way to explore rural Nepal's traditional villages and lifestyles and its beautiful countryside.

Kodari and the Tibetan Boarder :
On the full-day drive to Kodari and the Tibetan boarder you follow the path of traders who once plied the route between Lhasa and Kathmandu. The scenic eighty- kilometer road winds through the Panchkhal Valley, across the Indrawati and Sun Kosi rivers and through typical Nepali villages. For much of the trip you'll drive along the Bhote Kosi river, which originates in Tibet. At Kodari you can look across the Friendship Bridge to Tibet and the town of Khasa. On your journey back a picnic lunch on the Bhote Kosi at the beautiful Sukute Beach is pleasant stop. You'll return to the Resort in time for a spectacular Himalayan sunset.