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Discover Nepal
- An Introduction:
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Discover Nepal was established in Nepal in 1998 through an agreement with the Social Welfare Council and the Chief District Office, Katmandu district. The aim of Discover Nepal is to provide opportunities for the involvement of volunteers in the development process, and to practically
contribute towards the socioeconomic development of the country. Discover Nepal believes that volunteers must be included as active participants in the development process, and not just as passive beneficiaries.

Supplementing the Nepalese government's formal education system through two different progra mmes – an education programme and an environment programme - we offer a wide range of awareness raising non-formal activities. The volunteers, appropriately trained and provided with support from local as well as national networks, have proved highly effective catalysts, carrying out activities at a level that conventional developmental programmes find difficulty in reaching.

Each programme lasts five months, with the initial seven days are spent undergoing an intensive orientation course, which covers Nepali language, culture, formal and non-formal teaching techniques, appropriate rural technologies, seminars, development awareness, and issues especially relevant to Nepal.

Following their training, Discover Nepal volunteers are placed in mixed nationality groups in rural and urban secondary schools. In addition to their work inside the school, the volunteers also run a wide variety of extra-curricular activities. Transforming a group of motivated local youths into a team of active educators, the volunteers mobilise the community to profile their own village and, where possible, respond to their prioritised needs with practical, low cost, grassroots action. The education programme is presently working in the following districts; Bhaktapur, Banepa, Lalitpur, etc.

Objectives of Discover Nepal:

1. To help solve the health problems in the country.

2. To help solve the environmental problems by bringing in different constructive changes and create
a healthy environment.
3. To supplement the Nepalese Government’s formal education system through various

4. To conduct seminars, conventions, meetings, etc., for the promotion of Tourism in Nepal in
collaboration with His Majesty's Government of Nepal.

5. To conduct training programmes for the people who are directly or indirectly involved in the
tourism industry, and to run effective programmes for the development of Tourism in Nepal.

The Education Programme:school.jpg (11317 bytes)

More than 70 % of the total population is still illiterate. Although the government has established a considerable number of schools, the goal of quality education has not yet been achieved, due lack to of investment and an insufficient number of well–qualified and trained teachers.

Nepal has recently witnessed the widespread emergence of private schools. In fact, the Katmandu Valley alone has over a thousand such institutions. NGO’s such as Discover Nepal are serving to enhance the efforts of both the public and private educational institutions, in imparting quality education on a national scale.

Increasingly, it is becoming more and more difficult to find any form of employment in Nepal, that doesn’t require at least a basic understanding of, and spoken ability in English. Therefore, many of these private schools carry the title of  “English Medium Schools”. However, whilst it is true that the children are taught in English, the standard of this medium is often sadly lacking. This is where the volunteers come in! Somebody from England (or from any other European country for that matter) is guaranteed to have a much better grasp of spoken English than the average Nepalese teacher (even a school’s English teacher).

Discover Nepal also has special interest in serving the population of special group like children with Cerebral Palsy and Mental Retardation. The volunteers with training in special education are highly encouraged to be part of the development process. So, here comes an opportunity to explore this challenging field and Discover Nepal is ready to assist you in this regard.school1.jpg (10122 bytes)

The Environment Programme:

With increasing importance of environmental concerns and due to the interest the people are showing in preserving and protecting the environment, this programme brings together matching groups of young volunteers from overseas to train and work alongside with the local people about preserving nature and the environment. The main objective of implementing this programme is to help control the present environmental problems and create a better, healthy environment.

Health Programme:

Apart from the aforementioned programmes, Discover Nepal is also aware of the health situation of the country. Discover Nepal also realizes that unless and until the health situation of the people of Nepal is paid proper attention, the country will lag behind in development.childrn.jpg (11130 bytes)

In order to help uplift the health status of the villagers of the Kingdom, Discover Nepal provides/organizes various types of medical camps which vary from general health camps to specialized ones in rural parts of Nepal with the help of the local communities, village development committees, qualified and experienced medical personnel. Hence, the interested medical personnel from abroad who are interested in volunteering in such programmes are encouraged to be a part of Discover Nepal’s health programme.

For such health programmes, some extra briefing and orientation classes, mini-talk programmes, seminars, etc., apart from our regular volunteer package will be provided.

Tourism Programme

In the near future, Discover Nepal is also planning to work in the Tourism sector. Tourism is seen as one of the main sources for generating employment, where more than fifty thousand people are employed. Discover Nepal is planning to develop human resources for the tourism field.

The Nepalese Tourism industry needs more trained manpower to meet the international standard. By collaboration with foreign organizations, institutions, universities, Discover Nepal is planning to bring in experts to train the local people.

We hope that the changes is done very soon.Thanking you for your kind cooperation.With warmest good wishes.

      "Good Nepal with Good Nepali - We always stand for that"

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