Equipment Check List ;

Jeans or slacks, toilet kit, underwear, gloves, down or fiberfill sleeping bag, down or fiberfill or fleece jacket, duffel bag or rucksack, water bottle, flashlight, trekking shoes, hats, sunglasses, Boxer shorts or skirts,  socks, two T-shirts, one long sleeve shirt, pocket knife, rainwear, sandal and etc.

Medical Supplies;

The guide who will accompany you is not a doctor, nor he is a first aid practitioners. It is essential that you bring your own first aid kit and be prepared to take care of your own blisters, cuts and scrapes. In the event of a real emergency, guide will do his best to get you transported quickly to a qualified physician or an airstrip from which you may be evacuated to Kathmandu.

Recommended Injections

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