Health information

Above 3000 meters one can experience the following: 
* Low oxygen / low pressure
* Lack of fluid in the body
* Hypothermia

Types of Mountain sickness and symptoms respectively:

Acute mountain sickness: headache, nausea, and shortness of breath, loss of appetite and tiredness.

High altitude pulmonary edema: Dry cough, increased shortness of breath at rest, high pulse rate, drowsiness, less urine output, chest pains, tired sluggish feeling, blueness of face, lips and nails.

High altitude cerebral edema: - severe headache, hallucinations, changes in behavior, unconsciousness, double vision, irritability, mental confusion, ataxia and vomiting.

Our experienced climbing leader will give you current information and instruction for the following:

Peaks and height in Meters

   Mera 6654
   Chulu Peak 6658
   Singu Chuli 6501
   Pisang 6091
   Tent peak 5663
   Island peak 6183
   Amadablam 6812

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