Jungle Safari


Chitwan Paradise hotel is situated in a serene setting adjacent to the Royal Chitwan National Park, near the Rapti River. It has spacious, clean and comfortable carpeted rooms, with two completely tiled bath facilities. The solar heated hot water is available 24 hrs a day. It is located in a colorful flower garden with beautiful Himalayan vistas. Although not a 5 star hotel, we are sure you will enjoy your stay.  

How to get there:
  Chitwan National Park can be reached by daily tourist bus or by private car. The journey will take approximately 5 hrs from Kathmandu or Pokhara to Chitrasari, which is very close to the National Park. Our personnel will be standing by to escort you to your Hotel. A rafting trip can also be included on the way to the Park. (Ask about detail and pricing).


Elephant ride: with full security, sitting on the back of a trained elephant with the Mahauti (driver) exploring the grasslands, and forest. On Elephant safaris you will safely approach some of the world's rarest animals including Sloth Bearsm (one-horned rhinos), Bisons, Tigers and Leopards. Of Course, you have to be lucky to catch a glimpse of the latter two animals. The Experience, last about one and half-hours.

Canoe-ride: the Rapati river glides past the jungle, snakes its way through wide grasslands, over shallow rapids and meanders between sandy banks. A journey down Rapati River by dugout canoe provides a chance to observe many exotic species of birds and crocodiles basking in the sun at the riverbanks.

Bird-Watching: the Royal Chitwan National Park is a well known paradise for birds of the world with over 450 species of resident and migratory birds. Peacock's Courtship dances, woodpecker's rhythmically taps in the branches and the beautiful songs of cuckoo will also attract your attention.

Jungle-Drive: a thrilling tour in a four wheel drive jeep into the interior of the park will enable you to view some of the rarest species of birds and animals in existence. Along the way you will observe incredible flora and fauna. You will also visit the crocodile-breeding farm near the headquarters of the park.

Nature-Walk: our experienced naturalists will take you across the Rapati river to see nature's gifts, the wild species of birds and animals blended with the surrounding flora and fauna are a fascinating experience.

Village Tour: our tour-guide will take you to Tharu villages to meet the unique society of Tharu People. For centuries the Tharus have been living close to the jungle. Their rich traditions reflect their intimate relationship with the natural world. Visit a Tharu's Village and share their world with them. You will long remember this experience.

Tharu Folk-Dance: in the evening you will enjoy the drumbeats and the symbolic dances performed by the Tharu people. Their rhythmic movements and the exciting drumbeats may urge you to join in their performance. For which, of course you will be most welcome.

Visit to Elephant-Breeding center: another exciting experience is to visit Nepal's only elephant breeding center. It is located only 2 KM away from the hotel. Watching baby elephants with their mothers in a memorable experience.   

What to bring: Flash light, binocular, insect repellent, hat, sunglasses, casual and comfortable clothes and shoes for easy movement.  While on safari, we suggest not to wear very bright colors. During the winter months (November to February), sweaters and jackets may be necessary in the morning and evening.

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