First Environmental Trekking (P) Ltd.

About Us


Long period of service in the field of Trekking in the mountains of the Himalayas helped in conceiving the idea of establishing a Trekking Company to us, a group of young, energetic and experienced youths. We realized that the aim of establishing such a Trekking Company is not only to offer its dedicated service to the Tourists, Trekkers and Adventure seekers but also to generate employment for the educated unemployed youths. The problem of unemployment is such a disease that unknowingly and without any notice spoils the inner quality of the youths and as a result the youths who are regarded as the source of social development are turned into social evils in a very short span of time. On the other hand the Tourists who come to this country with a motive to explore and enjoy the beauty of this land spend their money for the fulfillment of their long cherished dream. We decided to establish such a Trekking Company that gives a chance to the Tourists coming here to explore and enjoy the beauty of the Himalayas involving themselves unknowingly in social work of one kind. We hope this pious aim of this Trekking Company will help both the Tourists as well as the youths working as Guides here.

Secondly, the destruction of environment as well as the degradation of natural habitat of the fauna is very alarming and the world we live in needs to preserve the environment for the future generations otherwise we will never be forgiven. The need for preservation of clean and healthy environment has been the main reason behind giving this company the name FIRST ENVIRONMENTAL TREKKING [P] LTD. We are thus dedicated in the service of Tourist Trekkers organizing environmental friendly trekking. We are very much aware of the importance of a clean and healthy environment and share your desire to preserve the natural beauty of our land.

We have a group of well educated, trained, experienced, informative and above all very sincere Guides offering their service in making the trekking of Tourists a matter to be cherished throughout their lives.

It is our pleasure to Welcome you to the land of MT. EVEREST, the land of LORD BUDDHA and the home of brave GURKHAS. Here you will be surrounded by breathtaking scenery and myriads of mountain trails await to bring you adventures in this wonderful Himalayas. We look forward to introduce you to the beauties and wonders of NEPAL.

A visit to this country is to let yourself have an opportunity of being in the land of your dream.