First Environmental Trekking (P) Ltd.


Date: 10-12-1999.

"If you can’t decide whether you want a guide with First Environmental, please read this! I had the same problem 14 days ago. I walked into the office reluctantly, because I had been traveling alone for 3 months around South – East Asia, and was not about to hire a guide, let alone allow a company to hire one for me!" "However after speaking with the managing Director and remembering a conversation I had had with a friend who trekked in Nepal several times, I changed my perspective on things. First Nava Raj, the director, seemed very perceptive and caring, and I tusked that he would hire similar people to work for his company. In fact, this was the case. My guide, Krishna, was extremely kind, competent, trust worthy, and most of all, professional. I met several guides and porters along my trek to Kagbeni and back, and not all of them seemed 100% caring, component. I ran into one woman who was having a problem with her guide. HOWEVER I met about 10-12 guides/porters from First Environmental, and not only did I find them to be warm, fun, and competent, but so did their trekkers. It seems to me that Nava Raj has a unique ability to select 1) very wonderful people to work for him, and 2) to have the intuitive sense to know which guides to pair with which trekkers."
Jackie Schwenker
45 Deer Crossing Road, Fishkill, New York
12524, USA
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Date : 2-12- 1999.

"This is the second time we visit Nepal and of course we make a trekking with First Environmental Trekking. Last time we visited Nepal was 1996 and that time we done a wonderful trekking in the Helambu area. This time we did a trekking to Annapurna base camp and little trip on the Jomsom trek. ……The First Environmental Trekking is a good firm to trek with because they take good care of us and their own personnel. Don’t hesitate because we have made two trekking with them and will hopefully make one more……………."

Lotta Kilint and Richard Skold
Gotgatan 17 c 58231 Linkoping
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Date: 6- 11- 1999.

"Why look for the rest when you have found the best" was a signboard we have seen in Pokhara after our 13 days trekking and is definitely applied to First Environmental Trekking. Yes, the boss given us his fantastic guide who shows us his care and concern during our trail up and down. Yes, it is this company that made our trekking a memorable experience!……………."

Yen Yen and friends.
61 # 08-250 SINGAPORE 530690
E –Mail:

Through E-mail dated 30 October 1999.

"We wanted to send this message to you to thank you for all your help in making the arrangements for our stay so easy. We achieved our dream of seeing Everest from Kala Pattar. Everything went to plan – even the weather at Lukla did not delay our flight out! We will certainly recommend your Company to any of our friends who are thinking of visiting Nepal and we will, of course, contact you for help when we come to Nepal again.


Richard, Paul and Andrew Kefford.
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Date : 14 – 10 – 1998.

Where to start? Well, first of all, we’ve just arrived back from our 3 week Annapurna circuit trek. Before departure we’d enquired with a few trekking companies and First Environmental were by far the best. They’re professional, really knew the stuff and really did make us feel very welcome. I cannot recommend them highly enough. ……..All in all, you can’t go wrong with First Environmental and our praise for them, and especially for Khan, cannot be high enough. Nepal is a wonderfully magical and beautiful place, and with the help of these guys, Nepal will definitely steal a little bit of your heart."

David De Veth & Marian Boland,
4/55 Admiral Crescent, Hamilton,
New Zealand.

Date : 14 – 09 1999.

"I have just returned from a 2 week trek through Langtang, Gosainkunda & Helambu. The trek was fantastic and very impressive. Our whole crew, the cook (and the food of course) and also our guide Hari (Krishna) were fabulous! All the people at First Environmental are great and very kind! This is really a Trekking Agent you can trust in and recommend to others without hesitation! We had two nice and amazing weeks in the Himalayas. The trek is now over, but the memories will stay for the rest of our lives! Many thanks to the staff of First Environmental, our guide Hari, the cook and all the porters!"

Michael Kalb. Weltismattstr.
18. 79730 Murg, Germany.
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Date : 14 – 09 – 1999.

"My friend and I have done Langtang – Helambu – trek for 14 days, and I can deeply suggest to do trekking with ‘First Environmental Trekking (P) Ltd.’. We had a very experienced and friendly guide named Hari Krishna Sapkota, who made it easy for us to enjoy the beauty of the Himalayan Mountains. Our cook did also an excellent job and we were happy to have really good and healthy food after a long day walk. Our porters were also very friendly and open. We often spend nights, talking about their culture and other things. I have to say it again, that this company with its friendly and personal atmosphere really made me happy and probably gave me impressions which will stay a whole life."

Frank Keller
Im Gut 6,
79790 Kussaberg,
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Thursday, October 21, 1999, 4.47 AM.

Dear Mr. Dahal,

Thank you so much for organizing our trek to ABC in late September 1999. For me it was the absolute experience of lifetime and I am sure that I will be coming back again to your wonderful country this time with my family to spend more time.

Whilst the trek itself was spectacular I believe that a major part of our experience was the great friendship and care shown to us by our guide Rajendra and the porters. These guys were simply the best and added to our trip with their sense of fun and fantastic service. Having a guide, put a whole different perspective on our trip , as every where we went along the way we were made to feel part of a bigger group when we met other guides and porters.……………………

Having someone get you a hot cup of tea, checking you for leeches, checking your room for you to make sure that you haven’t left anything behind are all little things that add to your trip/experience.

Once again I would like to thank you for organizing our trek for us and would highly recommended First environmental Trekking to anyone looking to have an experience of a life time.

You really mean what your business cards say ” We serve you with love and care”

Jonathan Dohney
13 Ferguson Ave
castle Hill
NSW Australia
E-mail: jdoheny@unipress.comau

Hello from Japanese girl who really enjoyed the trip to Nepal. ………Although it was a short trip, we all had such a wonderful time up there. I‘ve been writing a long ( actually very very long) report of our trip to Nepal to show our parents and friends. This is so much fun to do because while I’m writing this, I remember every word we said and every action we made. Then we can share our memories again and again and keep it for ever. ……

We do appreciate for your great help and kindness. You managed our trip perfect and nobody can ask you more. I am thinking about going back to Nepal already, and it’s gong to be very soon…….


Thank you again
Sincerely yours,
Yoko Hosokawa

November 27, 2000

Hello potential trekkers,

The purpose of this note is to recommend (highly) the services of First Environmental Trekking (P.) Ltd. My new wife and I went on an almost month-long trek to Kanchenjunga base camps November 2000. Our lead sirdar/sherpa was Ang Kaji Sherpa, and our head cook was Pradeep kumar Karki. It was fabulous….I have literally hundreds of pictures including wild blue mountain goats at Pang Pema, the incredibly old Gompa at Ghunsa, and numerous faces of Nepali villagers we met along the way. The food was tasty and healthy, we never got sick once along the way and were given plenty of water for drinking and washing. Despite a premature and unexpected snowstorm at Sele La Kaji Sherpa led us the way back down to Tseram. Everything was expertly provided for us. They are environmentally conscious. There are no hidden cost along the way( we could have gotten along fine without bringing any money if we did not really need those cokes or beers on the way back). I wish I knew what else to say to convince you. Kanchenjunga is a difficult camping trek and we encountered a number of trekkers along the way whohad various problems with their staff or their food. Everybody on our staff ( 22 including temporary porters) was considerate and great and I’d like to think we’ve made a couple of real friends. Please feel free to e-mail me directly if you want to verify or further clarify recommendation….I can’t say enough about these guys.


Jamie Fox San Franscisco, USA


I have just returned to the UK after my month’s holiday and would like to take the opportunity to thqank First Environmental Trekking for an unforgettable trek. I thought the organization and execution of the trek was very professional and the level of teamwork between the 12 individuals was great to see. In particular I would like to comment on Dinesh’s ( the guide) contribution. He is very competent individual who demonstrated a great range of powerful and excellent skills. In particular, I was impressed by his general level of awareness and perceptiveness of your thoughts and concerns, and how he appeared to go out of his way to make us feel more comfortable. In addition he demonstrated good leadership skills in organizing the 11other happy and organized team ! All in all he helped to make the trek a great experience at times by going beyond the call of duty.

In addition, we were amazed by the diverse range of foods that could be prepared in such remote conditions ! our thanks to Pradeep for that. ………………………..

I will not hesitate to recommend First Environmental trekking to my friends. Thank you once again.

Kind regards
Jo Gerloch
Tel : +44(0)1932762570
Fax : +44(0) 1932764131

Dear Sir,

I am writing to tell you how much we enjoyed the trek which you organized for us. As we have three children we were a little concerned about how it would go and how they would cope. However, we were all very well taken care of. Our guide, Bijoy and, two porters, were all very friendly and helpful in every way. Initially our four year old was not pleased about having to be carried by someone she did not know, but, it did not take long for her to get to know Ram and he was very good with her. As we were a family, we were a bit slower than most trekkers but we did not feel as if we were being pushed to go faster and the guide and porters were very patient and happy to go at our pace. The lodges we stayed in along the way were very good and once again our guide and porters made sure that we had everything we needed.

Initially we were concerned about trekking through an organization, paying too much money and not getting a fair deal. However we were very happy with the rate we paid and what we received for our money. We would thoroughly recommend your organization to anyone waiting to trek in Nepal.

Thank you for making our trek a fun and memorable experience for all our family.

Sincerely yours,
Geoff and Marion Shepherd and family
(P.O.Box : 6097
Gulshan, Dhaka, 1212
8 May 1996 )

Dear Sir,

I feel compelled to write a short note on two accounts : Firstly we would like to say thank you for the professional manner in which you organized our trek. In the midst of so many companies demanding for our attention with financial concerns seemingly paramount , it was refreshing to walk into your office and receive sound, friendly advice without the hard sell !

Secondly we wish to convey our thanks to our excellent guide. Having initially been in two minds as to whether a guide would be necessary for our relatively short walk, with retrospect we are extremely glad that you convinced us. My guide was of a great patience , honesty and integrity when I became sick on the second day his kindness and genuine concerns definitely inspired me to keep going. He went out of his way to ensure that we were comfortable, warm and well fed at all times and his knowledge of the route was second to none….Mr. Dahal …many thanks from both of us.

We hope to book with you again in the future and have already recommended you without hesitation to our friends.

With best regards,

Church lane,Lelant
Nist Ives,Cornwall
Uk TR 26 3hy
7th December 1995

Dear Sir,

I know you will remember that just over a month ago Barbara and I arrived in Kathmandu, keen to Trek but having no idea of how to go about it.

We found your organization, First Environmenatl Trekking (p). extremely helpful and friendly, as well as efficient. We also greatly appreciated being introduced to our guide the day before we left for Pokhara. This gave us confidence as did the itemised list of exactly what we were entitled to on our right trip, right down to particulars such as sleeping bags.

The trekking itself was a unique experience. We loved it,……………….

If we are lucky enough to get chance to visit Nepal again we shall certainly turn to you once more. Equally if any friends shown an interest in trekking after looking at our holiday snaps, we will make sure they have your address in Kathmandu.


Again many thanks for a wonderful holidays.

Sincerely yours,
Pete and Barbara Wells
21, Lincoln Way
essex Col 2RJ
Tel : 01206 867685


May, 14, 2001

American, Single Female Traveler

My thoughts on the company :

* Veryorganized - they had a variety of treks available and I'm able to put together for me in a ay.
* Knowledgeable - When I asked about trekking and the defficulties of each trial they were able to answer my question to my satisfaction. Ohter companies were answer with vauge replies or " no problem "

* Freindly - I spoke with the woner, Nava who was very reassuring about thr safety of trekking alone with his company's guide. He understood English well and listened to my concerns.

Mythoughts about my guidy.

* Dinesh - wonderful !
* Easy to get alone with
* Very Helpful
* Keen about Trekking
* Gentle natured
* Sociable
* Popular with the people who live along the trial
* Accomodating
* Able to problem - solve
* Good boundaries - which is very important as a female traveling alone !
* Likes to laugh

I had a great time ! thank you


Elizabeth M. Kenny
Baltimore, Md, 21225
Tel : 410 - 789-7078
E mail :



Dear Sirs,

On the 17th to 24th of September 1993 you arranged for us a tenting – trekk in the Helambu area. ……This was on your recommendation and we are pleased that we followed your advice. It gave us beautiful sceneries , interesting meetings with people and the social side of the peoples’ life.

We were all the time very well guided by Ram who was helpful and gave us a lot of valuable information of biological as well as zoological art. ……All four of us have only the best recommendations to give to them all. When the trekk was over we all felt that we had become friends. We have certainly the best memories with us for the rest of our lives and we are all satisfied with every detail in your arrangements.

The four Swedes
Ulla, Ruder
Olle Ruder
Eva Ruder
Jan Thoren

Malarvagen 49
165 72 HASSELBY Sweden,

Date : 1993/11/03

First and foremost, I would like to express my joyous experience on my visit to Nepal, and of course, most of it is due to First Environmental Trekking, which gave us an excellent guide and an excellent trekking experience for my stay here.

Our guide was well versed with all trekking area’s and very good knowledge on a lot of aspects regarding Nepal. So not only we had a beautiful experience on the trek, which provided excellent view of the ranges, we also go in depth information about the people and the culture of people in Nepal, from our knowledgeable guide.


7417, JLN-4,
E-mail :


Dear First Environmental Trekking Co.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to First Environmental Trekking Co., Mr. Nava Raj , Mr. Ganesh, and especially to the greatest guide around – Dinesh.

We attempted the ABC trek. ……and we have had a great time during the trek, all because Dinesh is a very sensitive guide. he sings to keep our spirits up when we are tired. I don’t think words are enough to describe how great a guide he is. We will be back and we will still want Dinesh as our guide.

……We would like to congratulate First Environmental Trekking on a job well done !

Wong Huey Ling
Block 212, Pasir Ris Street 21
# 03-218, Singapore 510212
E-mail : Tok Shon Wee
Block 518 Pasir Ris Street 52
#09-47, Singapore 510518

November 17, 2000

With this agency we did the Langtang trek and a part of the Helambu area trek. We had a guide and porter ,both very fine people.

The Langtang trek is very nice and had some very spectacular sight. ……………

Ramesh(the guide) and Raj Kumar(the porter) took very good care of us. Not only during the trek but also afterwards.

This agency also helps you with arranging things outside scoop of the trekking. We are very satisfied with the guide service and can highly recommend this agency. If we ever comeback to Nepal we surely arrange the trekking here again.

Alex Dane
Nelleke Van Ooigen

December 2000

What on awesome experience trekking the Annapurna circuit ! ! I highly recommend First Environmental Trekking. To begin with Nava Raj’s professional friendly assistance : great staff put me at ease ; provided me with all the info. I needed Shree Ram was a very caring; competent guide. When I was not feeling well he was especially attentive; checked how I was doing many times during the day. I was well taken care of .

Compared to my fellow trekkers on the trail who did not have a guide, I felt so much more informed about the people, their way of life, my surroundings, the religion, culture..

I originally thought that I wanted to go with a group but I ‘m so glad to have been on my own. I could travel at my own pace, program, not feel pressured into keeping up with a group. I could choose to be social or not. ……………….

All trekking companies are not the same. First Environmental is first rate….


Nanette Mayeda
E-mail :

10 March 2001


This company have provided us with great hospitality and even planned every trek according to one’s capabilities. The warmth and guidance they gave us made our trip a memorable and very adventurous. There is no doubt that this company is one of the best in Nepal.

From Malaysia with love

Ahmad Rifai B. Nasir
E-mail :

Anna king
Email :

Kho Ai Siam
E-mail :

Khoo Sock Ting
E-mail :

Mariana M. Mansor
E-mail :

Khoo Ai Lik
E-mail :



5 November 1999

Having arrived in Nepal, first stop to book a trek. Friends of ours had visited in January and highly recommended “ First Environmental”. We found the agency most informative and professiobnal and booked a 6 day trek on the spot……………… …………………………………………………………. To summarise, the scenery and trek was fantastic, the organization of it all, superb and our guide/ friend brilliant !

We have experienced a wonderful 10 days in Nepal and we will defenitely will be back ………….. Thank you First Environmenatl for a memorable trip.



17 November 1999

First Environmental Trekking

We came back to your office to thank you for planning our 7 day trek and 3- day stay at Royal Chitwan National Park. We had a great trek – an excellent guide and very helpful porter. We even had hot tea brought to our room on very cold mornings. Our guide Dinesh Dhakal was very thoughtful and took care of our needs.

Everything you promised was delevered - ………………we did not have to worry about anything ! you have planned our trek well.

The trek was difficult for first time trekkers like we – my husband 71 yrs. Old and I am nearly 70. But both Dinesh and Rajan, our porter let us walk at our pace and gave us a hand when the descent looked impossible. And despite our age we made it ! !

We both felt so protected and cared for. The people we met on the trek were interesting and we formed a wonderful comareaderie. We would not trade our trekking experience for anything and we would recommend it to our younger friends.

Thanks again - FUTURE TREKKERS – go with First Environmental.

O.B/Leticia Bautist
9415 High Drive
Leauroad, K.S.66206



The most important thing for you to know is that we had a wonderful, beautiful, and memorable 12 day trek that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives. You can, too. Go with Ganesh Simkhada and First Environmental.

We met with several trekking agencies and interviewed 5 potential guides before choosing Ganesh. Ganesh and our porter Som Prasad Kapri , were without a doubt, the finest guide/porter on the trail.Ganesh has 8 years of experience leading treks. He is knowledgeable, adaptable, highly personable ………….he helped several other trekkers who were receiving questionable information from their guides – always politely + pleasantly

Feel free to contact us via e-mail if you would like to learn more.

David Margolin + Joan Richman
Chicago, IL USA

30 April 2000

“Wow “ “ Lovely “are certainly the words of this holiday. Firstly the trek scenery and this company were FANTASTIC – we can not rate them highly enough. Totally we were unsure of our level of our fitness, the time factors and what was possible, but were professionally advised by First Environmental and their staff. Our guide and porter were excellent, good fun, informative and supportive…

Overall we had a fantastic, wonderful and memorable experience. We all look

Orward to comeback to Nepal. We hope you enjoy it as we did.


Sally Gardner

Kristan Toft

2 princess Street
Little London
Leeds Ls196bs

11 April 2000

I just arrived backed from 11 days trekking in Langtang with a visit to Gosainkunda and it was fantastic ! My guide Ram krishna was the best, always knowledgeable and friendly ! I highly recommend First Environmental. After doing my research, I can say that this is the most professional agency with the best from booking the tour through the end. Langtang was beautiful and exciting – from the scenic trails to the high snowy peaks. If you want a guide, porter and agency staff go with first Environmental ! !

Naomi Soffa
E-mail :
San Francisco,California

June 13, 1999

The trek from Pokhara then Ghorepani, Ghandruk, Pothana and back to Pokhara was splendidly planned…………………We were most satisfied with our 11 day trek. Not only were the treks made easy with our easy going and very informative guide Arjun, the tea-houses were very welcome ! The most beautiful people were met. Every experience was breathtaking.

………We will tell our friends about it for sure.

21, Jin 10/3
Off Jin Gaising
Pe Taling , Jaya
46 000, Selangor,
E-mail :