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      Nepal is an enchanting land that spreads from East to West beneath/the majestic Guardian Deity, MOUNT EVEREST [SAGARMATHA] 8848 m, the highest mountain in the world and seven other mountains of more than 8000 meters in altitude. It lies between 80o4’ and 88o12’ east longitude & 26o22’ and 30o27’ north latitude. It is roughly rectangular in shape with a varied topographical terrain covering an area of 145,391 sq. kms. (56,139 sq. miles).

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Amazingly diverse landscape ranging from the highest mountain to the rich farmlands of the plains is the homeland of almost 19,000,000 people of rich and colorful cultural heritage. This land of Hindu Temples and Buddhist Shrines inspire divine imaginations in the hearts and souls of all who come to its vicinity. This Ancient Kingdom with endless visual vistas, celebrated species of flora and fauna and diverse cultural heritage offers the tourists from far and wide a grand tour of a place that is still very much virgin, unpolluted and innocent.