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Jungle Safari Rafting


There is a very close relation between human beings and nature. The need is felt to preserve the natural habitat to save very rare animals from extinction. There are opportunities of seeing animals behind the bars in zoos all over the country. These animals are in fact born free and have the right to live free wandering through the forest. The greed of people have caused in destruction of the natural habitats (forests) resulting in displacement of most precious partners of our life. On the other hand poachers found the skin, tusks, horns etc. of different animals more precious than the live animals that majestically roams in the forest. Many animals are being killed in an alarming number to exchange their hide, tusks, horns etc. for money. Our generation has missed the opportunity of seeing some of the nicest blessings of mother nature because of their extinction and this raises the unanswered questions in our mind, "How long does this extinction continue?" The need has arisen to preserve them for the generations to come. Our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will never forgive us if they are compelled to see these elegant animals and birds in pictures only. Though it is very late but global awareness has arisen to save these elegant and majestic animals and birds and keep them for the generations to come.

Such awareness has not left this Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal, situated in the lap of the mighty Himalayas untouched. The topography of this country is such that the animals and birds ranging from the Himalayan Species to the Tropical and Sub-Tropical are found it a safe home for them. Thanks to this global awareness and awakening of the innermost desire of human beings, Nepal has been able to declare vast areas of land National Parks and Wildlife Reserves and Conservation Areas. There are National Parks and Wildlife Reserves and Conservation Areas are perfect destination for guests coming to this country to enjoy Jungle Safari Adventure on elephant back, by jeep and by canoe. Suggestion is made to visit one of the following :

Royal Chitwan National Park.

Royal Bardia National Park.

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve.

Package Safari Programmes are offered in each one of these. Further information can be obtained during the exchange of Faxes, E-mails or personal discussion in our office.



Nepal has 08 of the 14 Highest Mountains above 8000m. and includes Mount Everest (the highest one) and Mount Kanchanjunga (the third highest). These snowcapped mountains including numerous other mountain peaks crowns this country. The mighty mountains and the glaciers of the Himalayas are the source of its fast flowing rivers. These rivers starting from the glacial water of the Himalayas flow down due south meandering through beautiful landscape, deep gorges, valleys and flat land of south Nepal to ultimately drain in the Bay of Bengal after joining Holy River Ganges in the Indian plains. These rivers offer rafting and canoeing trips to both adventurous as well as beginners. A rafting trip in one of the rivers here in Nepal gives you a chance to get the real fragrance of Nepal while you raft through beautiful countryside enjoying the sight of traditional Nepali houses perched on the hillsides and slopes, terraced paddy fields where the people sow their dreams with hopes of growing better future for themselves and for their offspring. For the beginners a rafting trip in River Trishuli for one or two days is perfect and for the white water adventure lovers, a longer trip in River Karnali in the Western Part of Nepal or River Sunkoshi in the Eastern Part of Nepal is perfect. Rafting trip for longer duration can be combined with trek for couple of days and for such a trip River Karnali and River Arun are perfect. The other rivers where rafting trip can be organized are River Kali Gandaki, River Seti, River Bhote Koshi, River Tamur. Some rafting trips are easily available but others are to be organized well in advance. Whether you are looking for a trip to experience just the charm of rafting or an adventurous river trip, Nepal is the perfect destination.