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Royal Bardia National Park, Nepal
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Serenity, Safari and Adventure

Tharu Style Resort
Safari Activities
Endangered Species
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Tharu Style Resort

Known as 'Tharu', the indigenous people of lowland Nepal live in close harmony with nature.

Depending on the forest for building materials and medicines, and on the rivers for fish, these farmer/ fishermen still live as they have for generations.

In keeping with these rural surroundings, Forest Hideaway, with accommodation ranging from standard to deluxe, is built in traditional clay and timber style with grass roofs and Tharu decoration.

With a restaurant offering set buffet and a la carte meals, Forest Hideaway provides the perfect relaxed setting from which to explore the pristine conservation area that is Royal Bardia National Park.

Electricity has not yet reached Bardia - kerosene lamps are used for lighting and gas for cooking. Natural solar energy heats the water except in the cool months of January and February when we provide refuse generated hot water and bedtime hot water bottles to keep you snug!

Safari Activities

Offering walking, jeep and elephant-back safaris as well as a range of cultural tours and activities, Forest Hideaway provides the visitor with access to a natural wonderland.

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Red_Ball4035.gif (916 bytes)Walking safaris   
Red_Ball4035.gif (916 bytes)Educational walks for children
Red_Ball4035.gif (916 bytes)Bird Watching
Red_Ball4035.gif (916 bytes)Jeep safaris     
Red_Ball4035.gif (916 bytes)Culture tours         
Red_Ball4035.gif (916 bytes)Tharu dances
Red_Ball4035.gif (916 bytes)Fishing


Endangered Species
As well as dozens of more common animals and hundreds of birds, Royal Bardia National Park is home to 19 of the 39 species legally protected in Nepal. With 8 types of ecosystems, Bardia holds the key to the survival of many species. In fact, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has identified Bardia as playing a major role in the survival of the world tiger population.

wpeDC.jpg (4586 bytes) Red_Ball4035.gif (916 bytes)royal bengal tigers
Red_Ball4035.gif (916 bytes)river dolphins
Red_Ball4035.gif (916 bytes)rhinoceros
Red_Ball4035.gif (916 bytes)pangolins
Red_Ball4035.gif (916 bytes)great pied hornbills
Red_Ball4035.gif (916 bytes)wild elephants
Red_Ball4035.gif (916 bytes)black buck antelopes
Red_Ball4035.gif (916 bytes)bengal floricans
Red_Ball4035.gif (916 bytes)gharial crocodiles


Originally a hunting reserve, Bardia became a wildlife conservation area in 1976 and was upgraded to National Park status as recently as 1988. As well as providing a home for a wide range of mammals, birds and reptiles, Royal Bardia National Park provides the ideal environment for the study of wildlife. The WWF and the King Mahendra Trust for Nature Conservation are both active in the Park monitoring wildlife movement and breeding habits as well as pursuing a policy of forestry care and educating local people on the meaning of, and need for, protected areas.

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As well as adhering to the rules of nature conservation, Forest Hideaway endeavours to pass on the positives of tourism to the local community.

Over 70% of our staff come from the surrounding villages, a third of whom have received formal certified training since beginning employment. Local craftsmen and builders are employed on an adhoc basis and as many local products as possible are used in both the kitchen and in the decoration of the resort.

Essential Facts
When to come - the best time to visit Forest Hideaway is from October to end June.

Transport - Forest Hideaway is 585 km south-west of Kathmandu - 12 hours by road or 1 hour flying time.

Booking - Reservation is recommended, particularly in the months of November and March to June. For details of our standard 4 days/ 3 nights fully inclusive package and extended programmes, please email us today. 

For details of trekking in Nepal, as well as other adventure activities, access here:-

Langtang Ri Trekking

Email: hideway@forest.wlink.com.np

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