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(Foreign Collaborator)

Agricultural Tools Factory Ltd.
(Kirlosker Oil Engine, India)

Alpha Electronics (Pvt.) Ltd.
(Electronics (Pvt) Ltd., India)

Amber Restaurant (Pvt) Ltd,
(Mr. Deepak Begani, India)

Amtronics (Pvt). Ltd
(GE Co., UK)

Apollo Steel Industry (Pvt.)Ltd.
(Sunil Oswal, India)

Asian Paints Nepal (Pvt) Ltd.
(Asian Paints (india) Ltd. India)

Bottlers (Nepal) (Pvt.) Ltd.
(Coco Cola Corporation, USA)

D.M. Bricks & Tiles Pvt. Ltd.
(China National Building Material Equip, Imp & Exp Corp., China)

Everest Ice Cream (Pvt.) Ltd.
(Kwality Ice Cream, Ltd.)

Golden Battery Industry (Pvt) Ltd.
(China National Machinery Equipment Imp & Exp Corp., China)

Goldstar Nepal (Pvt.) Ltd.
(Goldstar Co. Ltd, Republic of Korea)

Intern, Communication
(Sony Corporation Incorprated P. Ltd. Japan)

Jaya Nepal Auto Industries
(Jamma Auto Industries, India)

Kul Bijuli Pankha Udyog
(China Sichuan Corp, for Intern. Techno-economic Corporation, Chinan)

M.B. Petro Lube Industry (Pvt.) Ltd.
(Alfa Pacific Petroleum, Singapore)

Medicinal Herb Processing
(Lamfordse Arthis & Nursery, Germany)

Nepal Dhago Udyog Ltd.
(Teijin Engineering, Japan)

Nepal Light Weight Concrete Co. Pvt. Ltd.
(Neiggoi Wai Corporation USA)

Nepal Lube Oil Ltd.
(Petrosil Oil Co. Ltd. India/Gulf Oil Corporation, USA, Gulf Asian Investment Co. Ltd., Hongkong)

Nepal Lubricants Industry Pvt. Ltd
(Castrol Ltd.. UK)

Nepal Paint Industries (Pvt.) Ltd.
(Kunsul Chemical Industries Co. Ltd., Republic of Korea)

Nepal Power Engineering Co.
(EMCO (Pvt.) Ltd. India)

Nepal Thai Foods (Pvt.) Ltd.
(Thai Preserved Food Factory Co. Ltd., Thailand)

Pradhan Engineering Co. (Pvt.) Ltd.
(Indian Institute of Technology, India)

Pre-fab Concrete.
(China National machinery & Equipment Import & Export Corp., China)

S.D.B. Brick & Tiles Industry (Pvt.) Ltd.
(China National Building Material ,Inc.)
Sound and Vision (Ind) (Pvt) Ltd.
(Toshiba Corporation, Japan)

Sound Equipment & Electrical Appliance Industries (Pvt) Ltd., Japan
(Matsusita Electric Industries)

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