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Industrial policy and Industrial Enterprises Act.,
Ministry of Industry-1992

Forign Investment Policy and Foreign Investment and Technology Act-
Ministry of Industry, 1992.

Acts relating to Industry and Company 1986,
Ministry of Law and jastice, Law Books Management Board, April, 1987.

Patent, design and Trade Mark Act - 1987

The Eigth Plan -1992-97,
National Planning Commission

Economic Survey,
Ministry of Finance, (annual publication)

Nepal Rastra Bank, Quarterly Economic Bulletins,
Nepal Rastra Bank, Research Dept.

Industrial Statistics,
Ministry of Industry, Department of Industry, (annual publication).

Statistical pocket Book,
Central Bureau of Statistics, (annual publication)

Statistical Year Book,
Central Bureau of Statistics

Nepal Overseas Trade Statistics
Trade Promotion Center, (annual publication)
Operational Guide to Setting up a Joint Venture Industry in Nepal
USAID, Nepal, August 1991.

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