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Nepal has entered a new era of development following the historic political changes which recently ushered in a Parliamentary System of Government based on Multi-Party Democracy. My Government which was elected to office under this system is pursuing pragmatic and outward looking policies that will set out efforts towards right path for economic and social development. In this challenging task we have to mobilize available resources to the extent possible to sustain our development efforts.

As an important strategy in resource mobilization we are attaching high priority to foreign investment. In order to encourage foreign investment we have recently announced a new Industrial and Foreign Investment policy which is very liberal and transparent. Efforts have been made to provide all the incentives and facilities to the investors through one window system. We have also undertaken a series of fundamental reforms in fiscal, monetary, industrial, commercial and labour policies to create an attractive environment for investment. Very generous incentives and facilities have been offered to the local as well as foreign investors. This will encourage foreign investors to undertake business as well as industrial ventures in Nepal.

Nepal, with an ancient cultural heritage, rich natural resources and a variety of agro-climatic conditions, offers unique opportunities for profitable investment. Foreign capital, technology and know-how are welcome to contribute to the modernization and industrialization of our country.

June 26, 1992

(G.P. Koirala)

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