January 1


Official Opening of Visit Nepal 1998 (VNY'98)


Welcome Tourists at the Airport by offering garlands, Souvenirs. Street Illumination.

VNY'98 Main Committee


January 1


First visitor to each hotel will be offered complimentary accomodation for the day





January -


Bhajan Kirtan

Pashupatinath Temple, Gujeshwari Temple, Bhadrakali Temple, Krishna Mandir Temple

Religious hymns & devotional songs throughout the year in the mornings.


Entrance to Pashupatinath & Gujeshwari Temples are only for Hindus.

January -



Swayambhunath Temple, Machindra Bahal, Ason Dublee, Nhyakantala/KTM

Buddhist religious chanting & devotional songs.

Gyanmala Bhajan Khalak & Other Local Dapa Khala

Morning in the Swayambhunath Temple & night hymns at other temples.

January 1-10

Book Exihibition

Thamel, KTM

Books on development in Nepal

Tiwari Pilgrims Book House Thamel


January 11-14

Gorkha Festival


Chariot procession of Founder of Nation - Late Prithivi Narayan Shah. Folk dance, ethnic dress competition, food festival, staging of open theatre, Gorkha Khukuri dance & other exciting activities.

Centre For Gorkha Study & Community Cultural Tours. VNY Gorkha Committee


Jan - Dec

Yoga, Meditation & Art of Natural Life


Local people (50-200) participation in Yoga, Meditation & Art of Natural Life.

Nepal Yoga & Nature Cure Association, Biratnagar, Nepal.

Every month (3 camps) 1-7, 10-16, 20-26

Jan - Dec

International Folk Dance Festival



Sports Dev. Nepal


Jan 11


Prithivi Jayanti

All over the Kingdom

National unity day. King Prithivi Narayan Shah's (Founder of modern Nepal) Birthday.

GOs and NGOs

Promote the national interest

  Jan 12


Swasthani brata

All over the Kingdom 

Hindu Devotees keep fasting abd offer puja to Lord Shiva. The ritual lasts for one month

Hindu families

Ritual for happy conjugal life.

  Jan 17-19

Adventure Travel Mart, Asia (ATMA'98) 

Bhrikuti Mandap, KTM 


House of Rajkarnicar


Jan 24 Saturday

Sattila Ekadasi Brata

Fair in Sankhu / Kath.

Holy dip in Sati river in Sankhu, Ktm. 


Local festival

Jan 28 Wednesday

Amabasya (Madhav Narayan Mella) 

  Kath/Aryaghat, Butwal, Triveni (Parasi)

Holy bath, charity


Local festival

Jan 29 Thursday

Martyr's day

All over kingdom

Pay homage and tributes to His Majesty King Tribhuvan and to known and unknown martyrs.

GOs and NGOs. 

National Event

February 1 Sunday

Shree Panchami 

All over the kingdom

 Holy recitation by priests about the advent of Spring. In Ktm a religious function is held at the courtyard of historic Hanuman Dhoka. HM also graces the function. This day also marks beginning of the academic career of Hindu & Buddhist children of KTM.


National Festival


  Bhaktapur Shri Panchami Mela

Bhaktapur, Narayan Chok

The Newars of Bhaktapur organise a mass Iheen, a ritual to marry girls with bell fruits.

Bhaktapur Municipality

  Through the month

Feb - Mar

Loshar Festival

Throughout the country esp. in hills & Lama community

 Tibetan New Year Day. Lots of feasts & festivities.



Feb 7 Saturday

Bhima Ekadasi Brata


Lord Vishnu Worshipped. Religious procession.

Devotees keep fasting.


Feb 11 Wednesday

Purnima Brata / Swasthani Brata

  All over the kingdom.

Observed as a final day of the month long offerings of puja to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.


  Magh Sankaranti. Devotees in and around Ktm also make a beeline for a holy spot Salinadi eight mile NE of KTM on this full moon day.

Feb 13 Friday

Fagun Sankranti

  All over the kingdom

Colour festival of Hindus.


First day of hills. The following day in Terai.

Feb 13 Friday

Toran - la

Thak Khola, Mustang & Thakali inhibitat areas

Feast, festival & archery in honour of departed souls.


 Ethnic festival

Feb 19 Thursday

Democracy day

 All over the kingdom

Also King Tribhuvan's Birth Anniversary. On this historic day King Tribhuvan, Father of Nation, brought about revolutionary democratic changes in Nepal and brought an end to the Rana Regime.


  National Event

Feb 21 Saturday

International Tourist Guide Day


  To be celeberated with different activities.



February 25, Wednesday


All over the kingdom

Greatest religious festival of the Hindus. Hindu pilgrims from within the country and from India come to Lord Pashupatinath-the guardian deity of Nepal. Grand fair held at the temple area.


National Festival 

February 25, Wednesday


 Accham -a far west district of Nepal

  In the far west of Nepal; in - Accham, 'Deuda' dance is famous. The whole area is illuminated by burning pine splinders & appears to be a dream land.


  Regional Festival

Feb 27 Friday

  International Car Rally Championship

KTM /Chitwan/ KTM

  Sports Development Nepal



Feb 28 Saturday

International Marathon


Marathon Championship

Association of International Marathon Org.


Feb 28 Saturday

Tree Plantation


Tree Plantation on Memorial Parks

Hotel Mt. Monastery 



A Thousand & One Lights Festival

 Buddhist Stupa of Bodhnath

Buddhists from the Tibetan & Nepalese Himalayas visit KTM to conduct trade & to worship valley's ancient & sacred shrines of Lord Buddha.




Classical Nepalese Dance and Music

Pagoda Hall, Bajra Hotel

Classical charya and other yogini dance

Bajra Hotel

March - April


The Great Kathmandu Rickshaw Race

 Durbar Marga / Ktm


  Aries Advertising



Kathmandu Drama Ensemble

Studio 7, Bajra Hotal 

Drama shows

 Bajra Hotel

Fri - Sat- Sun throughout March - April

March 1 - 7

International Tiger Conservation Conference

Chitwan National Park 

 World famous cat specialist and other tiger lover will be gathered at Chitwan National Park to talk on conservation of Tiger habitat & population.



March 1 - 7

Tharu Week

Chitwan Sauraha

A week long Tharu cultural festival exhibiting craft shows, traditional music, and organising bear, monkey dance, traditional games, buffalo race, etc.

Sauraha Hotel & Tourism Dev. Com. 


March 1 - 7

Yoga, Meditation & Art of Natural Life


 Local peoples (50-200) participation in Yoga, Meditation & Art of Natural Life.

Nepal Yoga & Nature Cure Association, Biratnagar, Nepal.

The same programme will be organised again from March 20 - 26

March 6 - 12

Chirosthan Holi Arambha (Festival of Colours)

All over the Kingdom

Festival of colours begins. Marked by throwing of Vermillion and other colours on relatives and acquintances.


 National festival

March 10 -15

Rock Climbing Training


20 School Students will take part


Place to be confirmed

March 12 Thursday

Holy Festival


Special event of festival of colours marked by throwing of vermillion and other lively colours on relatives and friends.



March 13 - 26

International Paragliding & Hang Gliding Compition



Para Gliding Pvt. Ltd.


March 15 Sunday

  Exhibition of Medicinal Plants & Ayurveda Literature Books

Thamel, KTM

Exhibition Cum Sales

Ayurveda Health & Research Centre, KTM

  Continue upto 15-05-1998.

March 16 - 21

Rock Climbing

20 Campus

Students will participate



Mar 27 Friday

Ghoda Jatra

KTM Tundikhel

Horse race, cycle race, Newari religious procession at Bhadrakali temple.



Mar 30 - Apr 10

  Everest Cleaning


  Reputed Climbers (National & International) will participate for cleaning expedition.



March -April

Tourism exhibitions




Date to be confirmed

April 1- 7

Yoga, Meditation & Art of Natural Life


Local peoples (50-200) participations in Yoga, Meditation & Art of Natural Life.

  Nepal Yoga & Nature Cure Association Biratnagar, Nepal.

The same programme will be organised again from April 20 - 26.

April 4 Saturday

Chaitra Dasain

All over the Kingdom

Important National festival celebrated by Hindus and Buddhists.


National Festival

April 4 Saturday

Seto Machendranath Jatra


Most interesting chariot festival depicted for god of grain


  Ethnic Festival

April 5 Sunday

Ram Nawami

All over the Kingdom

Observed as a sacred day on which Lord Rama 'incarnated on this earth to do away with the evils. Devotees keep fasting and worship Lord Rama.


  National Festival

April 10 Friday

Dya Kwahan Bijyaylgoo


Chariot pulling of god Bhairava and also starting day of Bisket Festival.



April 11 Saturday

Baisakh Purnima Balaju Mela

Balaju KTM 

 Fair in Balaju. People take bath in the natural water which sprouts through twenty two artistically designed traditional taps.



April 13, Monday

Yoshing Thanagoo


A tall wooden pole decorated with flowers and flag pull up to make it erect to commemorate the Nepalese New Year's Day.



April 13 Monday

International Ladies Motorbike Rally Competition



Sports Dev. Nepal


 April 13 Monday

Sapan Tirtha Mela

Shivapuri Mountains/ KTM

 Pilgrims walk all through the night to take holy bath in the healing waters. Singing, dancing & praying for renewal of life and health.



 April 14 Tuesday

Nepali New Year's Day

All over the Kingdom

Nepalese New Year's Day. (Bikram Sambat 2055- celebrated with pomp & grandeur).


Religious processions in Bhaktapur - organise fair.

April 14 - 21

International Himalayan Book Exhibition

Thamel KTM

Antique Books Exhibition

Tiwari Pilgrim Book House


April 17 Friday

Dya Swagan Biyegu


Religious processions by the colourful ladies of Bhaktapur accompanied by Bhajan troop. 



April 19 - 25

International Kayaking Championship



Sport Dev. Nepal


April 23 Thursday

Amako Mukh Herne - Mother's Day

  Hindus & Buddhists of the Kingdom, esp. Ktm.

Mother's Day. Mothers receive special sweets from their sons and daughters.



April 29 Wednesday


Religious sites and holy places

Perform charitable acts like giving away of umbrellas, fans, cots to poor Brahmins. 'Sraddha' observed. Also known as Parshuram Jayanti.



May 1 Friday

 Painting Exhibition


Water Colour Painting Show entitled "Future of Medival Past".

Madan Chitrakar


May 1 - 7

Yoga, Meditation & Art of Natural Life


Local peoples (50-200) participation in Yoga, Meditation & Art of Natural Life.

Nepal Yoga & Natural Cure Association, Biratnagar, Nepal.

  The same programme will be organised again from May 20 - 26.

May 1 Friday

Majdur Diwas

All over the Kingdom

Labourers Day. Industries, factories and workshops.



May 6 - 7

Leaf offering ceremony


Worshipping of Lord Shiva. Sight seeing at Kalu Pandey Monument & other cultural activities.

VNY Gorkha Committee. Centre For Gorkha Study And Community Cultural Tour.


May 7 Thursday

Mohini Ekadasi Brata

In the premises of Lord Vishnu's temples. 

Lord Vishnu once became an attractive women to deceive the demons. Devotees keep fasting and worship Lord Vishnu.



May 7 - 11

Himalayan Expo '98

Bhrikuti Mandap, KTM


House of Rajkarnicar


May 11 Monday

Buddha Jayanti 

  All over the Kingdom

The day Lord Buddha was born in Lumbini - The same day, a full moon day, Buddha attained enlighten-ment in Bodhgaya and also it was on the same day he passed away into Nirvana. Also called the thrice - blessed day. In KTM Valley with the image of Lord Buddha mounted on a decorated elephant. Candles and butter lamps lighted at night.

Dharmodaya Shabha, Lumbini Development Trust & Other Buddhist Religious Association. 

 Siddharthanagar Municipality Observes Gautam Buddha Jayanti districtly. In KTM, also called 'Swanya Punhi' - a full moon day of flowers.

May 15 Friday

Jestha Sankaranti

Hindu temples 

The first day of the month Jestha, Visit temples.



May 15 - 19

Educational, Training & career (ETC'98)

Bhrikuti Mandap, KTM


  House of Rajkarnicar


May 22 Friday

Apara Ekadashi

Hindu temples

Keep fasting and perform chants of holy scripts.



May 25 Monday

Amabasya Bat Sabitri Brata

  Hills & Terai alike

Legands have it that Sabitri was a loyal wife. Sabitri is worshipped on this day by Hindu housewives under the 'Fycus(Bat)' tree. They keep fasting at night.



May 29 Friday

Everest Day


The occation to be observed with different activities




Nepal Cup (Crickey Match)


Regional Cricket Match between India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan & Nepal

Aries Advertising

  Date to be confirmed.

June 1 Monday

Mountaineering Memorial Park


Opening of the Mt. Memorial Park by Angrita Sherpa



June 4 Thursday


 Ridi /Palpa

Also called Ganga Dashara. Holy Bath. Final Day of Rameswar worship Fair.



June 5 Friday

Nirjala Ekadhasi. Tulsi Bijarpan.

  Hindu families

Keep fasting. Some devotees even do not drink water. Tulsi seeds sawn. Lord Vishnu worshipped.



June 9 Tuesday

Purnima Brata

Hindu families

Worship moon. Childless parents believe to be blessed with children.



June 15 Monday

Ashar Sankranti

Hindus all over the Kingdom 

First day of the Month. Hindus visit temples.



June 15 Monday

Mountain Museum


The first phase of Mt. Museum to be opened


Exact date to be confirmed 

 June 20 Saturday

Yogini Ekadasi

Hindu families

Fasting & Charity by Hindus.



June 23 Tuesday


Hindu families

Holy bath, charity, worship moon, fasting at night by Hindus.



June 29 Monday

Ropani Mahotsav (Paddy Festival)

Sankhuwa Sabha, Bana Village 

This is in fact a festival observed by the agrarian people all over the Kingdom to mark the first day of Paddy Cultivation. The cultivators play with the mud & perform singing and dancing in the muddy farm. In Bana VDC race, plantation, tilling, Music & song competition will be held to observe VNY'98.

Nepal Hill Area Development Foundation


July 5 Sunday

Harisayni Ekadasi Brata

All over the Kingdom

 Two Ekadashies in a month. Out of 24 Ekadashies - this is holiest. The first day of Lord Vishnu's slumber in King Bali's Palace. Lord Vishnu would awake after four months. Tulsi saplings are planted and worshipped.



July 9 Thursday

Guru Purnima - Preceptors' Day

  All over the Kingdom

Celebration of the Birthday of the first poet of Nepalese literature.


  Pioneer of modern Nepali language.

July 15 - 30

Basic Mt. Training


15 Fifteen local students take part



July 17 Friday

Shrawan Sankranti & Kandarak Puja

  All over the Kingdom

  1st day of the fourth month of Nep. Vikram Era. Marks the beginning of the new Fiscal Year. Climax of the rainy season. People suffering from skin desease believe to get rid of it by throwing fire torches at night. Kandarak (the Night God) is worshipped



July 21 Tuesday

Ganta Karan Gathamanga


Local boys of the city erect a busy shed at every cross-road and ask for contribution from the passers-by.


Traditional last day of rice transplanting, celebrate the death of demon call Ghanta - Karna or Bell -ears.

July 28 Tuesday


All over the Kingdom

An important festival to worship serpents and paste picture snake God at the door of every house in Nepal with the belief that this will help prevent the entry of evils into the house.



July 28 Tuesday

Snake Painting Competition

Nagdaha & Taudaha, KTM

School painting exhibition of snakes & serpents in view of conservation of reptiles & its habitats. The exhibition will be held in Nagdaha, a legendry adobe of snake god.


Programme to be confirmed.

July 29 Wednesday

 Cargo Day


Cargo day celebaration with different activities



July - Aug


  KTM / Swayambhu

Traditional musical procession every early morning around Swayambhu Stupa.

  Month long programme.

Ethnic Festival

August 8 Saturday

  Gun Pooni

 KTM Valley

 Newari community cook a delicious soup made of nine different kinds of beans, called 'Kwati'.


  Ethnic FestivalAugust

August 8 Saturday

Gai Jatra

All over the Kingdom, esp. KTM valley.

Almost colourful religious procession of cows and people with peculiar head dress painted as figures of cows goes round the market places. Relatives of the deceased of that year send religious groups join to the procession.


  The day is also marked as a conventionally free day to point out & criticise the social & political aberations.

August 8 Saturday

Janai Purnima

All over the Kingdom

Brahmins change their holy thread after taking holy dips in a nearby river. A religious Fair in Gosain Kunda - four days walk from Ktm at the altitude of 16000 ft.


 Wearing of holy thread round the wrists. Women folk the left, men folk the right wrist. 'Kwanti', a special curry dish eaten on the occasion.

August 9 - 14,

Sa: paru - Gayeejatra


A unique Cultural merry making week at Bhaktapur


Local Festival

August 14 Friday

Shree Krishna Janmastami

All over the Kingdom

Hindus observe it by remaining awake the whole night performing religious dances and singing in the praise of Lord Krishna.


Night of round Lord Krishna's incarna-tion. Mythological dances are held.

17 Aug - 16 Sept

Kaligandaki Thakali Cultural Month


Month-long religious and cultural activities of Thakali community celebrating Yak race, Horse race, Archery, Traditional games, Handicraft shows, Lama Dance and other musical events. 

Mustang VNY'98 Committee (Hari Tulachan)

  Month long Thakali Cultural Programme.

August 20 ThursdayBal DiwasAll over the KingdomSeminars, meetings, sports, FaiIt's Father's Day. Sons and r ets. organised in consideration of childrens' welfare.Nepal Childrens' Organisation (Bal Mandir) and schools.
August 22 SaturdayBabuko Mukh HerneAll over the Kingdom, esp. KTM valleyIt's Father's Day. Sons and daughters offer sweetmeat & other gifts to their father.Local Festival
August 22 SaturdayGokarne AunsiGokarna, KTMSpecial day set apart for the veneration of one's father & offer puja & dip in the holy river in the memory of late father.
August 25 TuesdayHaritalika Teej BrataAll over the Kingdom, esp. KTM valley. Lord Pashupatinath's temple.Greatest festival of Hindu Women. Three days long. 1st day eating of delicious food, 2nd day they keep fasting and and 3rd day worship Gods and Goddesses.Sumptuous feasts followed by tormenting fasts.
August 27 ThursdayRishi Panchami BrataAll over the Kingdom, esp. KTM valley.Final day of the Teej, women visit the temples wearing their red wedding attires and gold ornaments.Hindu women celebrate this festival for a blissful conjugal life. For an unmarried women, observance of Teej ensures a good, loving and caring husband.
AugustPanjran - (Pancha Daan)Kathmandu/BhaktapurRice, Paddy, beans, wheat, salt, broom, rope, neddle & thread and sugar are offered to Bajracharyas & Shakyas observing the rain retreat.Buddhist festival of charity, benevolence and magnanimity. Date to be confirmed
September 1 - 7Yoga, Meditation & Art of Natural LifePokharaLocal peoples (50-200) participation in Yoga, Meditation & Art of Natural Life.Nepal Yoga & Nature Cure Association, Biratnagar, Nepal.The same programme will be organised again from September 20 - 26.
September 2 WednesdayHariparibartini EkadasiHindu devotees.Begins second month of Lord Vishnu's sleep in Baliraja's palace. Maintain holiness and perform worship and charity.
September 2 WednesdayIndra Jatra FestivalIndrachowk, KTMA week long festival begins by hoisting Lord Indra's flag (Indradhoj) at midnight and faces of Bhairavas deities are displayed in important public places.Whole week various Bhaku, Lakhe, Mahakali, Bhairab, Pulukisi masked dances are performed in Durbar Square & surrounding streets.
September 5 SaturdayKumari Jatra - Kone - YaKohity, KTMChariot of living goddess Kumari & Bhairabas & Ganesha are pulled in downtown of Kathmandu. The procession is graced by the presence of His Majesty King.Regional Festival
September 6 SundayKumari Jatra - Thahene - YaAson - Indrachowk, KTMSimilar religious processions is carried out in Kathmandu Midtown.
September 6 SundayPurnima BrataHindu devotees.Worship moon and keep fast. Pray for accomplishment.Ethnic Festival
September 8 TuesdayNani - cha - yaBhedashing - Kilagal, KTMFinal rituals of the holy chariot procession.Local Festival
Sept 11 FridayInternational Motorbike Rally ChampionshipKTM/Daman- Narayanghat/KTMSports Development Nepal
Sept 12 SaturdayMiss Nepal 1998KTMMiss Nepal Beauty PeagantKTM/Jaycees
Sept 14 --21 Book ExhibitionThamel KTMAntique BooksTiwari Pilgrim Book House
Sept 16 WednesdayIndira EkadasiDevotees keep fast and perform charity.
Sept 16 - 22Dashain UtsavBhrikuti Mandap, KTMHouse of Rajkarnicar
Sept 18 - 27International Invitational Football TournamentKTMInvitational Intrernational Football Tournament.Sports Dev. Nepal
Sept 21 - 22 International Golf ChampionshipKTM/Gokarna18 Holes GulfL.M.Suvir Brothers
September 21 MondayGhatasthapanaAll over the Kingdom.Begining of the greatest festival 'Dasain', lasts for nine days. Sowing of maize & barley - 'Jamara'National Festival
Sept - Oct.Music FestivalNational StadiumMusical extra-vaganza from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh & Nepal.Music Craft, Bombay & Aries AdvertisingDate to be confirmed
Sept 25 - Oct 4Himalayan International White Water CompetitionTrishuliVarious int'l Rafting Association will participate with a slogan of Trishuli '98. The competition includes Slalome Raft, Slalome Kayak, Down River Race, Triathelon & River Rescue.NARADetailed programme to be finalised
Sept 25 FridayChef Competition and Food FestivalKTMBest Chef of the Year competitionHAN
Sept 27 SundayWorld Tourism DayKTMWelcome of the visitors at the int'l airport by Travel Trade Associations and Food Festival organised by REBAN.REBAN
Sept 28 - Oct 1Gorkha Dasai FestivalGorkhaRoyal Army parade, Fulpati, procession to Gorkha Durbar and other activities of religious & cultural interest.VNY Gorkha Committee. Centre For Gorkha Study and Community Cultural Tour.
Sept 28 MondayPhulpatiAll over the KingdomReal festival becomes visible. Brahmins go to Gorkha Durbar and bring flowers etc. from the shrine there and is then placed in Pooja room of Hanuman Dhoka. HM and other members of the Royal family witness the Army parade and accept the Guard of Honour.National Festival
Sept 28 MondayKite FestivalKTM ValleyTo mark this festival every household flie kites from their house-roofs & a kite competition is held at Tundikhel.
Sept 29 TuesdayMaha AsthamiAll over the KingdomEighth Day of the festival. Animals (goats, buffaloes and ducks and chickens) sacrificed in the temples of Goddess Durga and also at homes. Offering of sacrifices continue on the ninth day too.National Festival
Sept 30 WednesdayMahanawami, Syako-TyakoAll over the KingdomIt is known for the blood sacrifices made in Hanuman Dhoka, Ktm.Worth seeing Hanuman Dhoka Animal Sacrifices.
October 1 - 7Yoga, Meditation & Art of Natural LifeLumbiniLocal peoples (50-200) participation in Yoga, Meditation & Art of Natural Life.Nepal Yoga & Nature Cure Association, Biratnagar, Nepal.The same programme will be organised again from October 20 - 26.
October 1, ThursdayVijaya Dasami TikaAll over the Kingdom. Hindus.Elders and seniors in each Hindu house mark the foreheads of juniors with 'Tika' or red colour mark. Respectable relatives are visited. Feasts are held. A lot of festivities.National Festival
October 1, ThursdayMohani ya Swon KokayagooBhaktapur, BramhayaniWorshipping of Navdurga goddess by burning threads on oil lamps all over the human body. Antique feature of devotion and mind concentration.
OctoberPachali Bhairab FestivalPachli, KathmanduMarked with traditional music, religious ceremonies, gifts of all kinds including meat, rice beer and blood of goats and fowl. Continuou throughout the night.Local Devotees.Ethnic Festival Date to be confirmed.
Oct 2 FridayPapa-kush EkadasiAll over the Kingdom.Holy bath, keep fasting, perform charity for salvation - by Hindus.
Oct 5 MondayKojagrat PurnimaAll over the Kingdom.Goddess of wealth 'Laxmi' is believed to come down to earth. Keep awake. Offer puja. Lamps hoisted on the pole called 'Akashdeep'. Some gamble and try their luck.
Oct 5 MondayInternational Cycling CompitionKTMSports Dev. Nepal
Oct 16 FridayRama Ekadasi BrataFor the happiness of the family Goddess Rama (better half of Lord Vishnu) Worshipped.
Oct 16 - 17Kite Flying CompititionKTMNATA
Oct 18 SundayKag (crow) Tihar, Kartik SankrantiAll over the Kingdom.The second great festival of the Hindus begins called Tihar. -a festival of lights. For five days from this day, the houses and buildings are illuminated with lamps. This first day is marked by worshippuing 'crows'.National Festival
Octber 18 SundayKartik MelaPatanFamous Masked Dance in Patan called Kartikae Dance at Patan Durbar Square.Month long cultural activities from 18 Oct - 16 - Nov.
Oct - Nov.Budhanilkantha MelaBudhanilkanthaA month long religious festival at slumber adobe of Lord Narayana in Budhanilkantha
October 19 MondayKukur (dog) puja, Narak Chaturdasi,All over the KingdomThe second day of the Tihar festival. The 'dog' is worshipped in the morning and is given good food to eat.
Octber 19 MondayLaxmi Pooja - Festival of LightsAll over the Kingdom. Hindus.Worship of goddess of Wealth celebrate with great pomp and grandeur. Worth seeing in urban centres like Bhairahawa & Biratnagar.Siddarthanagar Municipality Celebrates Laxmi Puja attractively and in an unique manner.
Oct 21 WednesdayMha PujaAll over the Kingdom & in the Newar community.Self worshipping festival.
Oct 21 WednesdayNhu - da (Nepal Sambat - 1119)Throughout the country in Newar CommunityCelebration of Nepal Sambat Year 1127 by organising various elaborated social and cultural processions. This is the begining of Lunar Calendar.
Oct 21 WedbnesdayGai (cow) Puja, Gobardhan PujaAll over the Kingdom. Hindus.This year the day of the Worshipping of cows and bulls fall on the same day. Hindus worship cows and regard this animal as mother.National Festival
Oct 22 ThursdayBhai TikaAll over the Kingdom. Hindus.Last day of 'Tihar'. sisters mark their brpthers' foreheads with Tika (or marks of various coloursand offer them garlands and sweet and pray for their long life and prosperity.National Festival
Oct 24 FridayUnited Nation DayKTMSeminars / Sports EventsUNDP / NGOs
Oct 31 SaturdayHaribhodhini EkadasiFair at Ridi / Palpa and Devghat (Chitwan)Four months of Lord Vishnu's slumber completed. Devotees observe the weedding of Holy plant Tulsi with Lord Vishnu. Keep fasting maintain holiness and perform charity.Local Festival
October Mahalaxmi Village PujaIn & around KTMAgrarian festival. Rejoicing on the storage of autumn harvest.
November 1 - 7Yoga, Meditation & Art of Natural LifeChitwanLocal peoples (50-200) participation in Yoga, Meditation & Art of Natural Life.Nepal Yoga & Nature Cure Association, Biratnagar,Nepal.The same programme will be organised again from November 20 - 26.
November 3 SundayShaki Mela PuniKTM valleyWorshiping of goddess Moon by Newar community for family happiness & prosperity.
November 6 FridayStreet FestivalPokharaTo create an environment of entertainment for people to make them participate Visit Nepal'98.
Nov 7 - 8Manakamana FestivalGorkhaPilgrimage to Manakamana, one of the most sacred deities of Hindus.VNY Gorkha Committee. Centre For Gorkha Study And Community Cultural Tour.
November 8 SundayQueen's Birthday
November 9MondayConstitution day
November 15 SundayRam Janaki FestivalJanakpurTo week to be observed with different activitiesDOT & Local concerned bodies
3rd weekWeeding with Vaidic RitualsKTMNATADate to be confirmed
November 17 TuesdayNasa BoylgooBhaktapurFood Grain Festival. The food grains are artistically arranged in front of every temple. Bhajan is also recited. This festival is observed in night time.
November 17 TuesdayMagh SankrantiThroughout the KingdomOne of the holiest days in Nepali religious calender of the Hindus. People take holy bath in the wee hours of the morning, mostly at the river confluences. In KTM, Sankhamool is such holy bathing spot. People eat specially sweetened seasame balls, yam tuberLocal Festival
followed by khichari, a cooked mixture of rice, lentils and spice on that day. Fairs organised. Famous one is Maai-Beni Mela in Ilaam.
Nov 20 - 25Book ExhibitionThamel KTMBooks having universal appealTiwaris Pilgrims Book House
November 29 SundayLumbini Food FestivalLumbiniLumbini week to be observed with different activitiesREBAN
NovemberGujeswari JatraKTM/Gujeswari TempleDeities in this temple are made of solid gold and silver & highly regarded as secret goddess. Fair organised on the day of Jatra.Only for Hindu Devotees.
NovemberSita Bibaha PanchamiJanakpur / MithilaCelebration of Sita's Marriage with Lord Rama. Cultural, agrarian & commercial exhibitions & also a fair which lasts for a week. A time for resounding business.Regional Festival
NovemberChhathMithila / Terai Region of NepalBiggest festival of womenfolk in Terai. Holy bath & fasting. Worship Sun God for the long life of their husbands & for the peace & prosperity of their families.
December 1 TuesdayLumbini FestivalLumbiniLumbini festival to be observed for peace, brotherhood and non-violence.HAN
Dec 3 - 9International Elephant Polo ChampionshipTiger Mountain, ChitwanA unique and first of its kind of International Elephant Polo in Chitwan National Park. This match will be participated by well known personalitiesTiger Mountain
December 3 ThursdayYamari PujaAll over the Kingdom esp. Kathmandu.Harvesting of new rice is complete. Cook rice and eat. Worship 'Annadev' (God of Crops). Mainly the Hindu farmers observe it.Ethnic Festival
Dec 7 - 15International Balloning FestivalKTM/PokharaHot Air Balloons from different parts of the world will be competiting in this event.Sunrise Balloning Company
December 14 MondaySafala EkadasiFasting and offerings of pooja for accomplishment.Hindus
December 16 WednesdayPoush SankrantiFirst day of the month Pousha. Visit temples and worship.
December 18 FridayAmawasyaAmawashya nights are the nights devotees go without eating.
December 29 TuesdayHM King's BirthdayObserved as a National Day. Cultural, social and developmental programmes held.GOs and NGOs, throughout the Kingdom.
DecemberBhimsen PujaAll over the Kingdom esp. Newar inhibited areas.Puja offered to Lord Bhimsen for the prosperity of business.
South East Asia Classic Car Ralley NICADate to be confirmed
Wild Life TourismAnnapurna AreaACAP
International Triathelone competitionPokhara BaidamNepal Triathelon AssociationDate to be confirmed
Durbar Marga Street FestivalDurbar MargDurbar Marga Street festivalDurbar Marga Club and REBANDate to be confirmed
Festival PokharaPokharaREBANHAN Pokhara Chapter
Cultural programmeAnnapurna AreaACAPDate to be confirmed
All the Year RoundClean up CampaignsKhumbu ReigionCleaning of all the Base Camps and Trekking Routes of Khumbu ReigionSagarmatha Pollution Control Committee
Nagarkot WeekNagarkot, KTMWeek long cultural activities exhibiting crafts shows organising musical & traditional games.Date to be confirmed
Jewelry exhibitionKTMNepal Handicrafts Asso.Date to be confirmed
Thanka ExhibitionKTMWorld famous indeginous, traditional scroll painting made out of vegetable dyes and gold powder.Date to be confirmed
Deliberation & Dscourses of Lectures & Research Activities on AyurvedaTridevi Marga, KTMAyurveda Medicinal Plants. Demonstration of YogaAyurveda Health Home & Research CentreThroughout the year
Ayurveda & Yoga Clinical & Health Promotive ServicesTridevi Marga, KTMAyurveda consultation & Therapy Services. Yoga Training & Therapy ServicesAyurveda Health Home & Research CentreThroughout the year
Marriage FestivalThroughout the countryElaborated marriage ceremonies alongwith colourful processions and traditional musical bands are performed in special sacred months of Jan, Feb, Mar, April and May.Date to be confirmed
Contemporary Art PaintingKTM / PokharaBy Artists Asso. of NepalDate to be confirmed
Carpet ExhibitionKTM / POkharaDate to be confirmed
Release of VNY'98 Commemorative coins & medals.Date to be confirmed
Release of special Postal StampsDate to be confirmed
Moni-Rimdo FestivalPhaplu, Lukla, Namche & TengbocheElaborated festival of Lama - Buddhism performed with masked dance & other colourful activities twice a year.Date to be confirmed
Restaurant's Waiters RaceDurbar Marga, KTMWaiters of the various restaurants will compete tea-pots, water - glass on the tray.REBANDate to be confirmed
Rato Machendranath Jatra & Bhote JatraPatanAmonth long Buddhist festival celebrated by pulling two chariots of Bunga Deo & Chakupa Deo. at the last day of the festival the rligious celebration will be completed by showing Bhote - a bejewal vest of the King of SerpentDate to be confirmed
Dakshinkali Sacrificing RitesDakshinkali Temple / KTMOn every Tuesday & Saturdays devotees make sacrifices of goats & chickens.Throughout the year.
Annapurna MarathonAnnapurna AreaACAPDate to be confirmed
Eco Training"""
Carpets & Handicrafts ExhibitionKTMCAAN"
Kumbheswore MelaFair in PatanFair takes place near Bagalamukhi temple in Patan. Crowds of devotees seen in line to worship Lord Shiva, known by the name of Kumbheswore.Date to be confirmed
Gokarna MelaGokarna / KTMFair in Gokarna / KTM. Worship of Lord Gokarna by Hindus.Date to be confirmed
International Cycling ChampionshipKTMSport Dev. NepalDate to be confirmed
Annapurna Base Camp CleaningAnnapurna AreaACAPDate to be confirmed
Exploring Village lifeAnnapurna AreaACAPDate to be confirmed
Nepali Food PromotionKTMPromotion of food preparation & display of all the dialects & communities of Nepal.Chefs Association of NepalDate to be confirmed
VNY'98 Special Issuer Poetry Magazine NAVA KAVITA QuarterlyKTMPoems on Nepal in English by eminent poetsNava Kavita Quarterly Publication, KathmanduDate to be confirmed
PATA/NICA-MICE Motivation ConferenceKTMNICADate to be confirmed
Trasitional & Contemporary Fashion showsKTMDisplay of ethnic cultures & tradtional materials of NepalImagesDate to be confirmed
Blood drinking ceremony (Twice a year, in spring and then in monsoon)MustangEntails drinking of yak's blood. The blood vein of yak is punctured by a sharp needle like appliance to draw out bllod. From one yak 30-40 glasses of blood is extracted. The vein pore is filled with yak's dung. People believe it provides energy and cures them of gastric ailment.Date to be confirmed
World Congress ( Complementary Medicines)KTMParticipate 1000The open International University for Complementary Medicine. Voted to Host.Date to be confirmed
Inst. of Light & SoundBhaktapur Durbar SquareDepicting the orgin of holy river Bagmati & historical background of Bhaktapur CityDate to be confirmed
Thomas Cook DayPatanFree guide serviceTURGANDate to be confirmed
Federation of Asia & Pacific Cargo MeetingKTMCargo Agents AssociationDate to be confirmed
South Asia Travel Tourism Exhibition SATTEKTMNICADate to be confirmed
Food FestivalKTMVarious restaurants exhibit traditional Nepalese & other culinary arts.REBANDate to be confirmed
Mountaineers Memorial DayKTMPasang Lhamu memorial activities to be observedDate to be confirmed
Community plantationAnnapurna AreaACAPDate to be confirmed
Bhimsen - JatraPatan, KTM, Bhaktapur, Dolakha & MakawanpurA religious procession goes round the main-routes of the locality. Feast follows.Date to be confirmed
The Great Himalayan One Hundred KM Run.PokharaOff-road International Marathon in mountains100 Km. Run organising committee.Date to be confirmed
Pokhara - Baglung Ultra - Distance Race CompetitionPokharaInternational Ultra-Distance Run CompetitionOrganising committeeDate to be confirmed
Jitiya PawaniChitwan & Other Tharu inhibited areas of TeraiThis festival of Tharu women is similar to Hindu women's Teej. The women keep fasting & pray for peace & prosperity.Tharu WomenDate to be confirmed
BalachaturdashiAll over the Kingdom.Devotees say 100 various kinds of seeds on the hillook near Pashupati-nath's temple. Keep awake the whole night and pray for the comfort and peace of eternal souls. People eat curd and beaten rice.All Hindus.Date to be confirmed
BibahapanchamiFair in JanakpurObserved as a festival in Janakpur. It is a wedding day of Lord Rama with Goddess Sita.Date to be confirmed

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