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mount.jpg (6688 bytes)Himalayan Ecological Trekking (P) Ltd. Presents its best complements and since heartfelt respects to Sir Edmond Hilary and his late friend Tenzing Norgay who conquered Mt. Everest (8848m.) in May 29, 1953 inspiring the people all over the world to trek and mount in the splendid Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal. That 1st conquest impresses our company to serve our handling trekkers with style and dignity. Once we touch our duty, we guarantee 4 High success of our service to the good time.


We take you at several interesting and exciting places of culture, nature and high adventures against the backdrops of magnificent Himalayan Ranges where joy and tranquility prevail everywhere for ones eternal peace and happiness.

We conduct masterpiece service in style with a smile in order to suit the dignity and the glamour of your lifestyle.

Take great gulps of the clean, fresh Himalayan Breeze inspire you to relay the story of your journey at home. It'd be so soothing, so exhilarating as well as so fascinating to excite your companions.


Nepal is a landscape of age-old temples and tantric rituals. It has thousands of gods and countless of legends, marvelous culture and magnificent woodcraft as well as vibrant religious festivals reaching back centuries of years. dur.jpg (4917 bytes)


High and dazzling mountains, glaciers, lakes, rivers and thrilling, but exciting aquatic games certainly delight your sublime dream come true.


Rafting Riversraft.JPG (6885 bytes)
Sun Kosi
Kali Gandaki
Bhote Koshi



tiger.jpg (5364 bytes)  

Great Rhinos and magnificent Royal Bengal Tigers with barning eyes roam in the deepness of wildlife sanctuaries.

Highland maidens attired in traditional costumes dance in the meadow music composed by twittering birds.


People from all over the world has discovered many authentic reasons for trekking in Nepal by virtue of beautiful Mother Nature, solitary environment and tranquility for human joy to heavenly salvation. potala.jpg (8870 bytes)


Kailash (Mansarovar)

mans.JPG (11447 bytes)Mansarovar at the height of 15,300 ft. is the pure Sangri-La especially to the lovers of Mother Nature rigorous trekkers and high adventures. Taking a dip into the Mansarovar Lake is believed to be purging one's soul from sins as well as the body from sickness. Mt. Kailash is another masterpiece attraction to delight the feelings of mind, which is being the main attraction of tourist in Tibet.



Towards Rara Lake is a Mythological and legendly journey, set in an emerald place of pine forests, blooming flowers and distant snowy peaks where waters glitter line that of precious gim. Trekking to Rara is most lovely and glamorous for peace living people. rara.JPG (5948 bytes)

Many qualities and requirement are needed to build up the structure of an efficient Trekking Agency, and always the foundation of the structure must be satisfactory service, which is our motto by profession.

We expect to be your favorite Trekking Agency established with determination to provide high quality tourism services in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. We are fully committed to organize and take you there with comfort and glamour wherever you plan to visit or trek to:

Camping Trek

Red_Ball4035.gif (916 bytes)Kanchanjunga
Red_Ball4035.gif (916 bytes)Arun Valley
Red_Ball4035.gif (916 bytes)Makalu
Red_Ball4035.gif (916 bytes)Rolwalling
Red_Ball4035.gif (916 bytes)Helambu
Red_Ball4035.gif (916 bytes)Ganesh Himal
Red_Ball4035.gif (916 bytes)Manaslu
Red_Ball4035.gif (916 bytes)Dolpo
Red_Ball4035.gif (916 bytes)Api-Saipal
Red_Ball4035.gif (916 bytes)Mt. Kailash

Tea House Trek

Red_Ball4035.gif (916 bytes)Langtang
Red_Ball4035.gif (916 bytes)Everest Resigion
Red_Ball4035.gif (916 bytes)Annapurna

moun.JPG (15263 bytes)

This is a unique Trekking Agency in Nepal of 3 mean reasons

Red_Ball4035.gif (916 bytes)Ecological Orientation
Red_Ball4035.gif (916 bytes)Fair Company structures (no wild -west- capitalism?)
Red_Ball4035.gif (916 bytes)Social Responsibility

Please step in & you will get all information about our Trekking Agency.


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P.O.Box: 10413      Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: 417517      Fax: 977-1-414 328    Email: het@mos.com.np

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