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durbar.jpg (27488 bytes)From the southern foothills of Terai to the loftiest peak in the world, Nepal is home to a astonishing variety climate, flora fauna and cultures. The rare one-honored Rhino and Royal Bengal Tiger roam it's forests in the south, hundreds of variety of exotic birds fly over mid-mountains and the abominable snowman yeti continues to elude human race in the high-lands.Variously described as the bird-watchers paradise (it is believed that one can find more varieties of birds in Nepal than the U.S.A. and Canada combined) the mecca of the mountaineers, the challenge of the adventure, the destination of the solace seeker and the Shangri-La of the vacationers, Nepal is unique enough to offer something of your own to every visitor.Mountaineering, Trekking, Rafting, Bird Watching, Jungle Safari, Exploring Cultures, Discovering henceforth unknown plants, sightseeing or just being yourself. The options are almost endless.

To explore the wildlife astride an elephant, to ride the white waters of mountain streams, to look at a rhododendron in full bloom, to experience the sound of silence on a hill, to stare at the lofty peaks, to pass-by a procession in the city-doing just about anything is an experience in itself in a country where miracles are a way of life. Shrines, festivals and smiling faces everywhere that says you are welcome.

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