The land of the Thunder Dragon 

Perched high in the serene reaches of the great Himalayas, lies a small mountain kingdom called Druk Yul. Fabled with mysticism, and adorned with incomparable natural beauty, this Land of the Thunder Dragon remained a land of mystery till it opened its doors to the world recently.

Bhutan is a land with a history of rulers dressed in a silken robes living in lofty castles clinging to the side of mountains. Of rivers  plunging through high mountain passing through valleys. Of winding trails through hill and dense forests of rhododendrons and wild orchids. Of exotic birds and animals. Of Dzongs and monasteries filled with the hum of monks reciting scriptures and of colorful houses dotting the landscape. Bhutan is like a trip to an entirely different world.  

This fairy tale land has the world’s greatest concentration of mountains. Purely a Buddhist kingdom, Bhutan is probably the last country on earth where modernization has not changed its centuries-old traditional culture. 

Bhutan can be reached from Delhi, Calcutta or Nepal by flight and by surface from Sikkim.    


Summer is pleasant with light monsoon showers - The heaviest rainfall is in the month of July and August.

Winters (mid-November to mid-March) are dry with daytime temperature of 16-18 C. By contrast, the evenings and early morning are cold with nighttime temperature falling even below zero.  
Spring is from mid March to early June with temperature warming to 27to 29 C at night. 
The best months to travel in Bhutan are from September through June.

Commercial video recording and filming is not permitted in Bhutan without government permission, and special permits are required to take such equipment to Bhutan, but video filming is allowed for personal use.
Photography is permitted nearly everywhere in Bhutan except inside dzongs and monasteries.
It is difficult to buy films in Bhutan so it is advisable to take along sufficient stock.

Flights from Kathmandu to Paro (Bhutan ) and back are operated by Royal Druk Airlines twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays only.

Necessary procedures to process and obtain the approval for the visa will be done by us on receiving full passport details. Visa for Bhutan will then be granted at the Paro airport on payment of US $ 20.00 per person. Two passport size photographs are required for the permit.

Indian currency is accepted all over in Bhutan. Travelers checks and Credit cards are normally not very popular so it is advisable to carry sufficient amount in Cash


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