TOUR CODE: IC01-13-02                

Day 01 In Delhi  
O/n Delhi.
Day 02 Delhi sightseeing. 
O/n Delhi
Day 03 Delhi sightseeing. 
O/n Delhi.
Day 04 Delhi/Nawalgarh. 
O/n Nawalgarh
Day 05 Nawalgarh sightseeing.       
O/n Nawalgarh.
Day 06 Nawalgarh/Jaipur and sightseeing at Jaipur. 
O/n Jaipur.
Day 07 Jaipur sightseeing. 
O/n Jaipur.
Day 08 Jaipur/Fatehpur Sikri/Agra.
O/n Agra.
Day 09 Agra sightseeing. 
O/n Agra.
Day 10 Agra/Jhansi /Khajuraho. 
O/n Khajuraho.
Day 11 Khajuraho/Varanasi by flight. 
O/n Varanasi.
Day 12 Varanasi sightseeing. 
O/n Varanasi.
Day 13 Varanasi/Kathmandu by flight.


IC 02-7-02 

Day 01 Arrival Delhi.   
O/n Delhi    
Day 02 Delhi/Jaipur with Amber Fort. Elephant ride at the fort. 
O/n Jaipur
Day 03 Jaipur city sightseeing .   
O/n Jaipur        
Day 04  Jaipur/Agra with Fatehpur Sikri. 
O/n Agra
Day 05 Agra sightseeing.  
O/n Agra         
Day 06 Agra/Delhi via Sikandra.   
O/n Delhi         
Day 07 Leave Delhi.     


IC 03-8-02                 

Day 01 Arrivel Delhi.   
O/n Delhi  
Day 02 Delhi/Jaipur with Amber Fort. Elephant Ride at the Fort. 
O/n Jaipur        
Day 03 Jaipur city sightseeing
O/n Jaipur      
Day 04 Jaipur/Agra with Fatehpur Sikri. 
O/n Agra         
Day 05 Agra/Khajuraho. Khajuraho sightseeing. 
O/n Khajuraho 
Day 06 Khajuraho/Varanasi. Sightseeing of Varanasi. 
O/n Varanasi 
Day 07 Morning boat ride on River Ganges. Varanasi / Delhi by flight. 
O/n Delhi 
Day 08 Leave Delhi.


IC 04-11-02 

Day 01  Arrive Bomaby and Bombay sightseeing. 
O/n Bombay.   
Day 02 Bombay/Bangalore & Bangalore sightseeing. 
O/n Bangalore. 
Day 03 Bangalore / Halebid/Belur/Hassan.    
O/n Hassan      
Day 04  Hassan/Mysore & sightseeing. 
O/n Mysore
Day 05  Mysore/Bangalore/cochin and Cochin sightseeing. 
O/n Cochin      
Day 06 Cochin/Alleppey/Kottayam/Periyar. Back water B/R at Alleppey/ Kottayam. 
O/n Pariyar      
Day 07 Game viewing at Periyar.  
O/n Pariyar 
Day 08 Periyar /Kovalam by surface. 
O/n Kovalam.  
Day 09 Kovalam 
O/n Kovalam
Day 10 Kovalam          
O/n Kovalam
Day 11 Kovalam/Trivandrum airport/Bombay. In Bombay, transfer from domestic to international airport to connect return flight.      


IC 05-12-02  

Day 01 Arrive Delhi.   
O/n Hotel         
Day 02 Delhi Sightseeing.
O/n at Delhi     
Day 03 Delhi/Agra and Agra sightseeing.   
O/n at Agra     
Day 04 Agra/Jaipur with Fatehpur Sikri.   
O/n at Jaipur    
Day 05

Exursion to Amber Fort. Elephant Ride at the Fort. Afternoon sightseeing of  Jaipur. 

O/n at Jaipur 

Day 06 Jaipur / Jodhpur by train.         
O/n at Jodhpur 
Day 07

Morning sightseeing of Jodhpur and Jodhpur / Udaipur via Ranakpur. 
O/n Udaipur

Day 08 Sightseeing of Udaipur. Evening boat ride on Lake Pichola.  
O/n at Udaipur.
Day 09 Udaipur/Aurangabad by flight. Afternoon excursion to Ellora caves.          +
O/n at Aurangabad
Day 10 Excursion to Ajanta caves        
O/n at Aurangabad
Day 11 Aurangabad/ Bombay by flight and sightseeing of Bombay.   
O/n at Bombay 
Day 12 Leave Bombay. 


IC 06-13-02 

Day 01 Arrive Delhi.   
O/n Delhi         
Day 02 Delhi/Udaipur by flight. Udaipur sightseeing.
O/n Udaipur
Day 03 Morning at leisure. Evening Boat Ride on Lake Pichola.     
O/n Udaipur
Day 04 Udaipur/Jodhpur by surface via Ranakpur. Jodhpur sightseeing. 
O/n Jodhpur
Day 05  Jodhpur / Jaisalmer by flight.    
O/n at Jaisalmer
Day 06 Jaisalmer sightseeing. Evening camel ride.
O/n Jaisalmer 
Day 07 Jaisalmer/Jodhpur by flight.        
O/n Jodhpur
Day 08 Jodhpur / Bikaner by surface.     
O/n at Bikaner 
Day 09 Bikaner sightseeing. & Bikaner/ Mandawa.
O/n Mandawa  
Day 10 Mandawa/ Jaipur.
O/n Jaipur
Day 11

In Jaipur excursion to Amber fort. Elephant Ride at the fort and Jaipur city tour.
O/n Jaipur   

Day 12  Jaipur/Delhi by surface and Delhi sightseeing.
O/n Jaipur
Day 13 Leave Delhi.     


IC 07-14-02 

Day 01 Arrive Delhi.   
O/n Delhi         
Day 02 Delhi/Jaipur enroute visiting Amber Fort. Elephant Ride at the Fort. 
O/n Jaipur 
Day 03 Jaipur/Ranthambore after Jaipur sightseeing.
O/n Ranthambore.
Day 04 Game viewing at Ranthambore
O/n Ranthambore    
Day 05 Ranthambore/Bharatpur bird's sanctuary.
O/n Bharatpur. 
Day 06 Bharatpur/Agra enroute Fatehupr Sikri. Sightseeing of Agra
O/n Agra.   
Day 07 Agra/Khajuraho and sightseeing of Khajuraho.
O/n Khajuraho
Day 08 Khajuraho/Bandhavgarh. Game viewing at Bandhavgarh
O/n Bandhavgarh
Day 09 Bandhavgarh. 
O/n Bandhavgarh    
Day 10 Bandhavgarh / Kanha. Game viewing at Kanha
O/n Kanha 
Day 11 Kanha.
O/n Kanha       
Day 12 Kanha/Nagpur/Delhi
O/n Delhi
Day 13 Delhi-Free or optional trip to Neemrana
O/n Nemrana   
Day 14 Leave Delhi.     


IC 08-14-02

Day 01 Arrive Madras & sightseeing of Madras. 
O/n Madras     
Day 02 Excursion to Mahabalipuram and Kanchipuram.
O/n Mahabalipuram 
Day 03 Madras/bangalore/Halebid/Hassan.
O/n Hassan      
Day 04 Hassan/ Belur/Mysore and Sightseeing of Mysore.
O/n Mysore
Day 05 Mysore /Mudumalai. Game Viewing at Mudumali.
O/n Mudumalai        
Day 06  Mudumalai
O/n Mudumalai
Day 07 Mudumalai/bangalore and sightseeing of Bangalore.
O/n Bangalore
Day 08 Bangalore/ Cochin and sightseeing of Cochin.
O/n Bangalore
Day 09

Cochin/Alleppey/Periyar, with backwater boat ride at Alleppey/Kottayam.
O/n Periyar.     

Day 10 Game viewing at Periyar. 
O/n Periyar.     
Day 11 Periyar/Madurai and sightseeing of Madurai.
O/n Madurai.   
Day 12 Madurai/Tanjore/ Trichy and sightseeing of Tanjore and Trichy temples. 
O/n Trichy.      
Day 13 Trichy/Madras.
O/n Madras.    
Day 14 Leave Madras.  


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