J.D. Tourist Bus Service from Kathmandu- Pokhara- Kathmandu

Ask for:---J.D. coach for long legged comfort we have a very nice and comfortable luxury tourist bus service from Kathmandu- Pokhara- Kathmandu daily price are just US$ 5 one way per person and just US$ 8 both way per person. Above 10 person one person will be free.

J.D. Airport Transport Service

We have a very nice comfortable and luxury car, van, hiace van, jeep, bus and mini bus with air condition an non air-condition. When you are thinking to visit Nepal there is a problem find a taxi to the city from  the airport a lot of taxi touts hassle you. For that reason just  remember us and our service for your comfortable transportation to your hotel or any part of  Nepal from airport. We have very cheap and good transport services. Also we do city tours, sun rise, sun set and other tours to all parts of the tourist places in Nepal. Our price for airport transfer and city sightseeing are as below:

Airport Transport Service:-

With Air-condition Car Van Hiacevan Jeep Bus MiniBus  
Price in US $ 10 17 20 28 - -
Non Air-condition
Price in US $ 7 11 14 20 30 22

Our Contact address are:-
Ph.No: 631061,632529
E-mail: dbkc@wlink.com.np or jd_tourist@hotmail.com



1. For City Tour Car Van Hiacevan Jeep Bus Minibus
With air condition US$ 45 US$ 75 US$ 90 US$ 85 US$ 185 US$ 160 For Full day
US$ 25 US$ 40 US$ 50 US$ 45 US$ 100 US$ 90   For Half day
Without air condition US$ 35 US$ 50 US$ 60 US$ 58 US$ 122 US$107 For Full day
US$ 18 US$ 28 US$ 33 US$ 30 US$ 67 US$ 60 For Half day
2. For Tourist Place US$ 50 US$ 75 US$ 90 US$ 85 US$ 185 US$ 160 For Nagarkot
With A/C two over night's US$ 90 US$ 150 US$ 180 US$ 170 US$ 370 US$ 320 For Chitwan
With A/C over night US$ 150 US$ 225 US$ 275 US$ 250 US$ 475 US$ 420 For Lumbini
With A/C over night US$ 125 US$ 175 US$ 225 US$ 210 US$ 415 US$ 370 For Pokhara
Without air condition US$ 35 US$ 55 US$ 60 US$ 55 US$ 130 US$ 140 For Nagarkot
Without A/C two 0/night US$ 65 US$ 115 US$ 120 105U$ US$ 105 US$ 260 For Chitwan
Without A/C one 0/night US$ 105 US$ 175 US$ 190 180U$ US$ 180 US$ 338 For Lumbini
Without A/C one 0/night US$ 90 US$ 145 US$ 175 155U$ US$ 155 US$ 300 For Pokhara

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