VOL. 1  NO.1 JULY, 1998  ASAR, 2055 , 1118

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The launching of the KMC News Bulletin in English is another milestone in our effort to revive and reinstate the Old Glory of Kathmandu. As the saying goes, INFORMATION IS POWER. What we have experienced in a year at the municipality is that when we do not provide accurate and timely information, it is quickly filled in by misinformation. People’s participation depends on an informed public.  As we all know reaching consensus in a public gathering where people are not accurately informed is nearly impossible. 

I, therefore, congratulate the team putting together the bulletin. I know it is a lot of hard work. Let us join hands to build a better Kathmandu. 

Keshav Sthapit 


Mayor's Japan Visit 

Mayor of kathmandu metropolis, Keshav Sthapit returned from a week long official visit to Gunma Ken City, Japan at the friendly invitation of the mayor of Takasaki, Matsu Ura Yukio. 

Mayor Sthapit was welcomed by City Board member of Takasaki and President of Japan Nepal Welfare Association (JANEWA) Masaki Saito.  

Addressing the welcome reception, JANEWA President Masaki Saito expressed his commitment to assist Nepal and said  he is extremely impressed from Nepal. 

Mayor  Sthapit paid a courtesy call on Mayor of Takasaki City Matsu Ura Yukio at his office. During the meet both parties presented the proposal of extending the mutual relationship. On the occasion, Mayor Sthapit presented an invitation to mayor Yukio to visit Kathmandu. 

Also, Mayor Sthapit paid a courtesy call on Chief Councilor of Takasaki City, Mayabasi City Mayor Yasoji Hagiwara and Matsumoto Mayor Tadaki Aaruga. Kathmandu City has sister relation with Matsumoto City. To mark the tenth anniversary of establishment of the sisterly relationship, it is known that, Matsumoto Mayor Tadaki Aaruga will visit Kathmandu. 

On the main function of the visit, Mayor Sthapit presented working paper on “Present Asian Age and Japan-Nepal Relation" at Takasaki university of Economics. On the occasion, Mayor Sthapit 
discussed massively with leading businessmen of Takasaki Federation of Industry and Commerce. 

During the visit, Mayor Sthapit visited Taisei Park, children's house, elders’ shelter house, schools, Japan Atomic Energies Center, Orphans' shelter houses, Harunamachi Sanitation Center and commercial centers. 
Visiting  Kiryu, Matsumoto, Niisato, Mayabasi of Gunma Kent, Mayor Sthapit called on and discussed with Nepalese residing in Japan. 

Visiting Niisato village mayor sthapit planted a memorial tree at the holy temple of Niisato. The visit was welcomed by teachers and students of Niisato Jr. High school & Niisato Elementry school. It was an official Visit to the chief of Niisato village, Saiji Yoshida. 

Minoru Sugiyama chairman of Japan Nepal citizen's cultural Association has hosted a dinner in honour mayor other deligetes on the same day. Naoki Ueki, kazuo Katazume and Prem Rawal, were the in the team. 

Various important topics like employment opportunity for Nepalese residing in Japan, Japanese investment in KMC’s planning, technical assistance, traffic management and urban transportation, urban planning, culture exchange program, developing tourist sector were discussed at the meeting held in different occasions. Both the parties expressed the commitment to implement the discussed topics in near future. 

KMC ward no. 15 chairman Ishwor Man Dongol and City Planning Commission member Bhusan Raj Shrestha accompanied the mayor during the  visit . 

JANEWA president Masaki Saito and JANEWA members Mahendra Shrestha and Ranjay Amatya coordinated the whole visit program.  JANEWA member Ramesh Kandel assisted in interpreting during the visit. 



Indian President in Kathmandu  


At the cordial invitation of their Majesties King Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev and Queen Aishwarya Rajya Laxmi Devi Shah President of India K. R. Narayanan and Madame Usha Narayanan arrived Kathmandu on a three day state visit. 

Kathmandu Metropolitan City organized a civic reception in honor of the visiting Indian President K.R.Narayanan at the city hall on May 29. 

On the occasion acting Mayor of KMC Bidur Prasad Mainali presented Indian President Narayanan with an artistic golden key to the city of Kathmandu. 

Addressing the civic reception, Indian President Narayanan said, “a key postulates a lock. But, as you all know, there is no lock on this great and open city of Kathmandu. I therefore assume that this is the golden key to the hearts of the people of Kathmandu.” 

“Nothing can be more priceless than such a key,” Mr. Narayanan said, adding, “I presume that it is a symbol of the openness that characterizes the relationship between our two countries.” 

“There are no doors or walls between Indian and Nepal,” the Indian President said, adding “there, is instead, an open boarder between us, across which our people move and intermingle without impediment.” 

Nepal has blended its ancient monarchical tradition with modern democratic functioning and is adding to it a social and economic dimension for building up a nation and improving the living standards of its people, Narayanan said, adding in this period of social, economic and political changes, Nepal is fortunate to have its head a constitutional monarch with political wisdom and experience to guide the nation. 

The Indian President said, “ we are confident that the future of Nepal’s multi-faceted development within a progressive democratic framework is assured.” A new era of co-operation awaits India and Nepal in the 21st century, the Indian President said, adding “both countries will enter the coming millennium with confidence in us and goodwill towards all.” 

Stating that the city of Kathmandu has played a central role in the cultural and human relations between Indian and Nepal, Narayanan said Kathmandu had drawn pilgrims and other visitors from India on regular basis for centuries. And pilgrims from here have visited India’s great cities such as Kashi and Mathura in the north and Rameswaram in the south. 

On the occasion, acting Mayor of KMC Mainali read out the letter of felicitations presented on behalf of the people of KMC to President Narayanan  and presented a Pashmina Shawl, a ‘Bhadagaule’ cap and the replica of artistic temple of Lord Pashupatinath. Indian President also signed the visitor's book of KMC. 

Chairman of ward no. 26 Shyam Chitrakar delivered the welcome speech while chairman of ward no. 29 Barshram Bhandari delivered the vote of thanks on the function. 

The Prime Minister, the Deputy Prime Minister, the heads of constitutional bodies, MPs, office bearers of KMC, ambassadors of both the countries and the members of the president’s entourage were also present on the occasion. 

Earlier, the students from various schools had welcomed the distinguished guests. 

President Narayanan arrived Kathmandu on May 28 on a three day state visit  and  departed  on May 30. 

Watch Out ! Metro FM 106.7 mHz 

After the impatient waiting the Metro FM launching prepration has nearly come closer declared KMC FM section in-charge Ajay Kranti Shakya. 

Metro FM , FM station of KMC will be transmitted on 106.7 mega Hertz FM band. Its transmission will be confined for two hours from 19:00 to 21:00 NST during the probation period of two months for two hours and be extended for twelve hours after that. 

As per the condition lay down in the Permission Certificates issued by the Ministry of Information and Communication , Metro FM is going to air fifty percent of total transmitted program in Nepali  and fifty in different national languages. A special processing technology is to be adopted to revitalize the 200 - 300 years back cultural music pieces. Metro FM is going to use the new technology, the package of gypsum board, glass wool and GI frame. The test transmission of  Metro FM will  be on air from the last week of Shrawan. 


Environment pollution  has become a greatest curse to the human civilization . Numerous  inquisitive brains are racking to conquer the problem. In this present context, Community Mobilization Unit of Solid Waste and Environment Department has opened Waste Bank Counter  at Bhuikhel, Ward No.15, and  Chikanata Wotu , Ward No. 24,  as  the information center cum waste collection depot. These counters are purchasing refuse from 7:00 a.m.  to 8:00 p.m. 

These  Counters procure waste from local people and thus collected materials are sent  for recycling process. 
 TUKAN BAHA (Click here to get detail information on Tukan Bahal) 

Women's Mayor's Cup Women's Football 


First Mayor's cup Women's Football championship shield went in the hand of women football team of Kathmandu Metropolitan City. Sangina Baidya of the team was awarded the Best Player of the tournament. 

KMC defeated Dharan  Municipality team by three goals to nil at the final. 

KMC Mayor Keshav Sthapit gave away the shield and prizes to the winners admist a special function. Addressing the function Mayor said ,such a competition helps in physical and mental development of women. 

The tournament was organized by Awhile Nepal Women Football Association, Women Football Committee. 
The winning team of KMC constitutes Birat Shrestha, Sarita Shrestha, Manju Shrestha, Bina Shrestha, Suman Shrestha,Nima Sherpa, Sarbada Lama, Sangina Baidhaya,and  Kiran Lama . 

Location Boards 

MIIP located 125 places in Kathmandu City with the location sign boards. The displays the native name of the place in Ranjana script, Devnagri script in Nepali and Roman script for tourists. 

Greater Kathmandu Valley Mapping Project 

European Community (EC) has agreed to provide a grant assistance of  Euro-currency 5.6 million (equivalent to RS 39 corer 30 lac) to Kathmandu Metropolitan City for the greater Kathmandu Valley Mapping Project. 
An agreement was signed between His Majesty's Government and European Community on 16th July . 
The six years project has been divided into two phase for the mapping of the Kathmandu Valley and developing the geographical Information System. The project aims the planing and management of the Kathmandu City in a sustainable manner. The objective is to increase the effectiveness of urban planning for the delivery of metropolitan services by the KMC through a process of applied integrated urban and strategic planning and the management of priority demonstrated projects such as a city center upgrading plan, a city core heritage plan and a solid waste plan of action. 
Likewise, KMC has signed  an agreement with Asian Development Bank upon  a donation amount to six lac dollars.  The bank has provided technical assistance of three lac dollars for the organizational strengthening  of KMC. 

It is learnt that KMC along with His Majesty's Government is trying to revive the Bishnumati Link Road Project. 
Asian Development Bank is to assist Kathmandu Valley Drinking Water Project. 
World Bank has showed interest to invest in telecommunication systems for the valley in the preceding of KMC. 


Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala , stating the need of separate legislation for making KMC more systematic, has said KMC will receive the authority as per the Decentralization Rule . 

Inaugurating the Second City Council meeting on May 2, Prime Minister Koirala gave assurances that he is always in support of any positive plans and actions forwarded by KMC for the development of the city. Emphasizing the need to launch development works on the basis of the principle of participation and assuring full support to KMC for solid waste management, road expansion scheme around Tudikhel and City Hall management, he accentuated the need of economization policy that KMC has to follow. 

Kathmandu has been attracting a lot of attention globally as a mystical town by her fascinating peculiarity. In the context, KMC is committed to preserve natural heritage of Kathmandu. For this, support from various sectors including the government, political parties and local authority is constitutive,” said Minister for Local Development Prakash Man Singh. 

Addressing from the chair, KMC Mayor Keshav Sthapit necessitated the Act of Autonomy to KMC as per the principle of Decentralization and Autonomous. “ If such autonomy is given to the local authority for the local development, there will be enhancement in the employment and investment sector.” 

Throwing light on the achievements accomplished by KMC, “ KMC is systematizing about 400 cubic meter waste daily, planting trees in the open places and has launched the construction work of Water Recycling Center and Teku Transformer Station,” he added. 

Expressing Ramkot and Akhorpauwa as the possible landfill sites, he mentioned all the development works executed by KMC for the betterment of the Metropolis. He claimed that afflicted Municipal Infrastructure Improvement Project (MIIP) has metamorphosed into totally healthy and successful MIIP. 

On the same occasion Mayor Sthapit requested Prime Minister to extend the working area of KMC in public parks, City Hall Development Committee and Tudikhel Massive Plan for the proportional implementation and reasonable management. 

On the function, KMC Deputy Mayor Bidur Prasad Mainali, forwarding his welcome speech, expressed that the contour of Metropolis can be altered completely in next five years by correcting the blunders committed in the past. Appealing to unite all the officials to achieve the common goal, he assured that the responsibility given by the people would be executed. 

Prior to the inauguration of the program, one-minute silence tribute was paid in the honor of known and unknown martyrs as the reverence. 



The commitments made by KMC Mayor Keshav Sthapit are being materializing within the short span of time. Various Departments of KMC are executing various development works as per the demand of Metropolis dwellers. 

 After completing improvement mission of street lamps, stone paving covering 7,250 sq. meter area of  Durbar Square, expanding tempo stand, expanding RNAC - General Post office road, MIIP is lanching the construction of Chhetrapati - Jyatha and Dhoka Tole - Yatkha Road, Two ramps to concerned wards after completing the construction work. 

Under the active involvement of Information and Communication Department, all departments of KMC have get email services. After preparing KMC Web Page, the Department is disseminating KMC information and activities through Radio Nepal and FM to the people. KMC is having its own FM radio transmission in near future. Engaging in Geographic Information System and Internet and Intranet System, Management Information System, the department has prepared all the infrastructure relating to dishing out an informative magazine and news bulletin in Nepal Bhasha and English. News bulletin in Nepali has already in the limelight.

After launching Disaster Awareness Program among the people, Social Service Department is busy in implementing Employment Project in order to solve unemployment problem of the city.  For molding Kathmandu into civilized pattern, Security Department is effectively launching various programs such as controlling straying creatures, controlling unauthorized hoarding boards, banners and posters. 

Heritage and Tourism Department is committed to reinstating the Old Glory of the city. In the context the Department has completed the renovation of Tukan Bahal, and commenced the renovation of Mahabaudha , Bhulukha Temple, Mahadev Parbati Temple. 

Newly established City Planning Commission (CPC) is directed towards creating environment for sustainable development. Financial support of 350 million from Prima Clima of Germany, incinerating equipment from Russian Govt., Danish assistance for the construction of public toilets, technical assistance worth 3 lakh dollar from Asian Development Bank, financial assistance agreement of 6 lakh dollar for environment development in 2000 A.D. are the contributions made  by  CPC within short period. 

Launching various programs such as food hygiene and adulteration, controlling straying dogs, survey programs, Public Health Department is also  taking care of public health through 15 clinics regularly. Likewise Solid Waste and Environment Department is providing competent and successful service to Metropolis dwellers by its effective management. With vehemence the Department is launching various programs associated with the construction work of Used Water Recycling Center, production of compost fertilizer, public participation for the sanitation. The park constructed at Baneshwor for the enhancement of greenery in the city, is the symbol  commitment to the environment. 

All these development works are the burning example of the KMC’s commitment  for the betterment of the Metropolis. Not only words, also are actions. 


NOT A SIMPLE WALK, THE HERITAGE WALK Click here to view Heritage Walk 

Kathmandu, the capital city of the Kingdom, holds the mystical charms accumulated from over 4,000 years. To experience the glory of the historic city, it is essential to walk through old colonies, observing the attributes of her possessions and their architectural dimensions. 

With the prime objective of bringing tourists to the selected historic sites which are scarcely visited, Heritage and Tourism Department of KMC has launched a novel program named Heritage Walk The Walk from Teku to Kasthmandap, emphasizing the tourism sector as an incentive for conservation, incorporates various ancient assets such as Kasthmandap, Bhimsen Temple, Kohiti, Ramchandra Temple, Narayan Temple, Wonde Narayan, Kushah bahal, Tunka bahal, Jaisi Temple and Atko Narayan Temple.