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Kathmandu Security Services Offers Services in:

1pk.gif (880 bytes) Supply of security guards world wide.
1pk.gif (880 bytes) Industrial Security.
1pk.gif (880 bytes) Security of Banks and Financial Companies.
1pk.gif (880 bytes) Offices
1pk.gif (880 bytes) Residential Security.
1pk.gif (880 bytes) Hotel Security.
1pk.gif (880 bytes) Security of Embassies and International Organizations.
1pk.gif (880 bytes) Projects.
1pk.gif (880 bytes) Investigation of missing persons.
1pk.gif (880 bytes) Training of security personnel for security services.
1pk.gif (880 bytes) Consultancy services on crime related matters / security services.


 In the increasingly modernising world of today, security is  of paramount importance. This is particularly so in Kathmandu and other metropolitans. Crime trend has been rising adopting new techniques. Risk to one's person and property has extended to the homes and private establishments, be they business houses, factories or even schools. While this is the situation, relying on government agencies alone for security arrangement design to meet individual need is that one would ideally prefer, but that would simply be not practicable.

That is why we believe that a private security agency is best suited to look after and protect your interest. But again, not every organisation can provide the kind of security you are looking for. Kathmandu Security Service is one such private security agency professionally competent to handle all your security requirements.

 Kathmandu Security Services came into existence in the year 1992 as a partnership organisation. The objective of KSS has been to offer a well-managed, quality service to the complete satisfaction of our honoured clients, which we have been able to achieve through a highly-trained and motivated staff.

At the initial stage, KSS took responsibility of security management of Hotel Yellow Pagoda where a high standard of security arrangement was demonstrated. At present, KSS has assigned security duty at various establishments such as, embassies, hotels, banks, industries, airlines, construction companies, school and private residences. At the same time KSS has changed its statues into a private company embodying high ranking retired police personnel, officials of different trade like, airline, travel & trade and hotels, With the objective to promote the company into a professional business organisation .with the advent of New Year 2055 BS, KSS is scheduled to operate its branch offices outside Kathmandu Valley also,

 It is not without reason that our clientele continues to grow, KSS makes no compromise in professionalism. And that is not limited to the prestige accorded to establishments by way of our smart turn-out and professional bearings. KSS personnel are given a thorough briefing before they take over their assignments. And in order that they retain the cutting edge so important to their duties, in-service trainings are given periodically. Among other things, in view of the ever-present fire hazard, our guards are well oriented to cope with fire-fighting situation. Regular inspection, regular supervision and surprise checks are carried out by the area supervisors to check alertness of guards and maintain quality and high standard of security system.

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Kathmandu Security Services Pvt. Ltd.
P.O.Box: 11344, Tripureswor, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: 252915 / 263320 Fax: 977-1-263321
E-mail: kss@wlink.com.np