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"adventure ecologically"

The silence of Hidden Kingdom.......

The Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan is fast emerging from centuries of self imposed isolation. First opened to tourists in 1974 in very regulated manner upon the coronation of present Bhutanese King, this mountain kingdom is still perhaps the world’s most exclusive tourists destination. Due to the Royal Government’s far-sighted policy tobh2 copy.jpg (15411 bytes) preserve the countries pristine environment and its culture, the harmful effects to industrialization and mass tourism on the environment and the traditional lifestyle of Bhutanese have been carefully avoided. This makes Bhutan a truly unique destination. An unspoiled country with majestic mountains, a unique cultural heritage preserved for many centuries, an architectural style like no other, a landfill of warm hearted and friendly people, reveals a true paradise in the lost era of the present century.

The tours and treks we offer to familiarize the Himalayan kingdom Bhutan:

Culture tours
# West Bhutan   
# Bumtang Central Bhutan
# West - East
04 days US$      600.00
08 days US$     1400.00
11 days US$     2000.00
14 days US$     2600.00
Walking Tours
# No: 01
# No: 02
8 days  US$      1400.00
15 days US$     2800.00
Easy Treks
# Dagala Thousand Lake Botanical  Trek
# Black Mountain  Trek
15 days US$     2800.00
15 days US$     2800.00
Alpine Treks
# Chomolhari Trek 
# Laya - Lingshi Trek (snow Man)
# Bicycle Tour from west to east of Bhutan
13 days US$      2400.00
29 days  US$    5600.00
17 days  US$    3200.00


Day 01 Fly to Paro from Kathmandu. Transfer to hotel. O/N (Over    night ) at Druk Hotel.                 
Day 02 Morning drive to the old ruins of Drukyel Dzong and a visit  to the Ta-Dzong, National Museum. After lunch a 2 hour drive to Thimphu. On the way visit the Simtokha Dzong built in 1627 by Shabdrung Nawang Namgyel. O/N at Druk Hotel. 
Day 03 Sightseeing tour of the memorial chorten, Indigenous Hospital, Dupthop Nunnery. Lunch at Plums Cafe. After lunch visit the Handicraft Emporium and then Tashichodzong. A fare well party will be hosted                                
Day 04 Early morning drive to Paro for departure. Be-Yul’s representative will bid you fare well at Paro airport. Arrive Kathmandu and Transfer to Hotel.


Day 01

Fly to Paro from Kathmandu. Transfer to Druk Hotel for O/N.

Day 02  

Morning drive to Drukgyel Dzong 18kms, away from the hotel. On the way back visit a typical         Bhutanese Farm House also a short visit to the temple built in the 7th century.  After lunch visit the  Ta-Dzong that houses the National Museum of  Bhutan followed by a short walk to Paro Rimpung      Dzong. Evening at leisure. O/N at Druk Hotel.                

Day 03

In the morning drive to Satsam Chorten., From there two hour  trek to Taksang cafeteria. Hot lunch   will be served at the Cafeteria followed by a short walk back to Satsam Chorten  and 2 hour drive to  Thimphu. O/N at Druk Hotel.          

Day 04

Sightseeing at Memorial Chorten, National Library, Nuns Monastery, Changlimithang Monastery,    Indegenous Hospital. Lunch at Druk Hotel. After lunch at leisure.  At 5 P.M. you will visit the      Tashichdzong (Thimphu Dzong).   O/N at Druk Hotel.                       

Day 05 A 3 hour drive to Punkha across the Dochula Pass. Lunch at Hotel Zantopelri. After lunch visit the      Punkha Dzong. O/N at Zantopelri.  
Day 06 In the morning drive 3 hour to Gantay Gompa. Pack lunch will be served. After lunch drive back to     Thimphu. O/N at Druk  Hotel.                    
Day 07 In the morning you will witness the Folk and Mask Dance performed by the Royal Dance Academy.  Lunch at Druk Hotel. After lunch at leisure. O/N at Druk Hotel. Day 08 Early morning dive to Paro to fly to Kathmandu. Arrive Kathmandu  and transfer to Hotel.

Bumtang Central Bhutan

In addition to paces of interest in Paro, Thimphu and Punkha, another fascinating destination is the sacred valley of Bumtang. The picturesque drive to Bumtang takes you through regions profuse in flora and fauna,several  magnificent mountain passes and places of great historic sights and ancient palaces of the rulingbh1 copy.jpg (11136 bytes)
importance. The Tongsa Dzong is a prime example, it is by far the largest Dzong in the country and was in
olden times the seats of the dominate power in feudal Bhutan. A three hour drive from Tongsa takes you up to
a height of 12500  feet - The Yotola Pass and then down to 9500 feet  to the valley of Bumtang. Considered the
most secred valley,  Bumtang as a rich areity of religious-Historical sites and ancient palaces of ruling family
of the valley. The  cultural trip to Bumtang also includes a 3 day walking tour to the sanctified spot where Guru
Padhmasambhawa meditated. He was the great saint who converted the Bhutanese frompagan worshipers to
peace loving Buddhist.


This tour takes you right across the country along the lateral highway and gives you glimpses of ethnic groups
of Drukpas different in their dialects and customs. It offers you maximum coverage of the country.


Guided by day-walk includes 5/6 hours walk a day with packed lunch and return to hotel for overnight. It gives
an opportunity to visit and view local villages and have direct contact with local people also ample time to take
photographs. Hot lunch and tea in local form houses will be arranged. Occasionally it will be possible to
participate in local sports, folk dances etc.


Dagala mountain range divides two prominent valleys of Thimphu and wangdi. The altitude of the plateau is
around 4000 meters. It has many lakes of different sizes and in most lakes' one can find trout fish. Alpine
flowers, rhododendrons, different species of pheasants, musk deer are found in abidance. The plateau is also a
grazing ground for yaks in summer. Best times for trekking in these parts are May/June and Sept/Oct.

Black mountain Trek

Black mountain range nearly divides the country in two, running from north at the Tibetan border to the south,
rich in wild life at the sanctuary of Manas. The portain near Pelela pass on highway to the east is very
picturesque with specious high valley of Rukubji, Phobjikha, Gogana and Khotakha. The big monastery of
Pema Lingpa lineage at Gantay Gompa and small beautiful active Gompas at Gogona are worth visiting. The
route follows rich rhododendron forest and typical villages.

Chomolhari Trek

There is very little tourist traffic on the pristine trekking routes in Bhutan. This is primarily a positive off shot
of  the Bhutanese Government’s policulimiting tourist to four thousand a year. Naturally one has the pleasant
sensation of breaking fresh ground on treks in Bhutan.

The Chomolhari trek follows the crystal clear trout rich upstream trail of Paro Chulalong the verdant Rhododendron canopied forest and salubrious green alpine meadows. Mt. Chomolhari, having one of the most beautiful peaks in East Himalayas, stands at a magnificent 7300 meters with age old frontier forts and
sprawling yak pastures in its foreground a truly rewarding sight for determined trekker. In the course if the
trek, one will have sojourned through several places rich in history in Paro, Thimphu and Punkha valley.

Snowman Trek:

Diverse flora and fauna. The bluesheep and the takin can be spotted on this trek. This area is one of the most
unique in the country. The snowman’s trek is very difficult compare with other trek.

Bicycle Tour - across Bhutan Bhutan’s mountainous terrain’s offer a fascinating adventure for bicycling
enthusiast. The route along Bhutan’s West-East Highways (appx 600kms) is an exciting route with challenges
of surmounting a new pass over 3000 meters every day. The highways winding up an shown mountains with
drops of thousand of feet keep one too high an adrenaline to feel the slightest pinch of monotony.

As one progress along the route, there is a discernible change in the flora and temperature when one gradually descends, from the aping height, into the temperate regions of the east. All along the route the interruption by picturesque, and almost medieval, villages and towns rich in cultural spots make a welcome diversion.


PUNAKHA DROMCHOE  10 - 14 February
GOMKORA TSHECHU (Tashi Yangtse) 13 - 15 March
PARO TSHECHU 15 - 19 March    
CHUKHA TSHECHU   13 - 15 March
URA YAK CHOEY (Bumthang)  13 - 18 April
KURJEY TSHECHU (Bumthang)    11  June
NEMALUNG TSHECHU (Bumthang)   9 - 11 July  
Tamshingphala Choepa (Bumthang)  6 - 8 September  
WANGDUE TSHECHU  5 - 7 October
THIMPHU TSHECHU  6 - 8 October
THANGBI MANI  (Bumthang)   12 - 14 October
JAMBAY LHAKANG DRUP  (Bumthang)  11 - 15 November
PRAKHAR TSHECHU (Bumthang) 12 - 15 November 
Nalakhang Tshecheu (Bumthang)  21 - 23 November
MONGAR TSHECHU     3 - 6 December  
TASHIGANG TSHECHU   4 - 7 December
Pema Gyatshel Tshechu (east)  3 - 6  December
TRONGSA TSHECHU  4 - 6 December
LHUNTSHI TSHECHU     4 - 6 December 


General Information

Climate: ( general )Days are normally warm. Nights can at times be very cool, and winter even below freezing.Monsoon showers occur in summer (Heaviest in July and August), and sometimes even in spring and autumn. The most visited months are March, April, May, September October and November. During these months you may expect mostly warm sunny days and cool/cold nights. Whereas rain or snow is not usual at these times, it is  a possibility.

What to Bring: Personal clothing: Strong, normal clothing (According to the season), preferably cotton for summer and woolen clothing for evening and winter. For Trekking strong comfortable trekking boots, warm socks, sunglasses, headgear, raincoat, and warm clothing, including a down Jacket for higher altitude treksand  for the evenings. A sleeping bag is a most; medium too heavy is advised. (Note: for trekking, a load of25 kg is allowed)

Insurance:The purchase of Medical, baggage and trip cancellation insurance is strongly recommended in your home country before the commencement of your journey. Besides reimbursement of non-refundable air tickets,
it should also cover the cost of rescue operations by helicopter in the event of an evacuation.

A sense of Adventure:
* Prices are established by the Royal Government of Bhutan.
* The Royal Government’s policy is to preserve its culture and  traditional values. One of the main methods of
   Achieving this is your cooperation. You are required not to buy antiques.          
* Royal Government of  Bhutan allows no more than 4000 tourists   world wide to enter Bhutan.                                     
* Bhutanese people are friendly and welcoming to visitors. They
   generally enjoy you taking their photo.                          
* Dzongkha is official language of Bhutan, but English is widely spoken.

Price include:
* Airport transfers,
* All meals & accommodation. (single rooms are provided subject to availability, without surcharge)
* Surface transport with in Bhutan and between Phuntsholing/Bagdora and sandrup   Jonkhar/Guhati for groups
   by land between Bhutan & India
* Guides and guiding service.                                      
* Sightseeing including entry to museum.                           
* Royalties and other taxes. Other than visa US$ 20 and departure tax US$ 10.                                                      
* Porterage, riding/pack ponies and yaks wherever required.

Not included are:                                                  
* Visa fee and airport tax                                     
* Personal items and alcoholic drinks etc.                         
* Insurance.

Flights:        Ktm-Paro: Mon, Thu               US$ 175
                    Paro-Bkk: Tue, Thu, Sat         US$ 329

Surcharge:- Group of   01 pax   US$ 40.00 perday/person
                   - Group of 02 pax   US$ 30.00   perday / person       
                   - Group of 03 pax US$ 20.00 perday / person           
                   - No surcharge for group of 04 pax & more.            
                   - Diplomats for those countries have diplomatic relation with Bhutan & Student discount 25% on
                     tour cost.


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( Note : If any particulars furnished below are found to be incorrect or if any information is found to have
been withheld, the visa, if granted, is liable to be canceled at any time )

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3. Place of birth:--------------------- Date of birth---------------
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5. Nature of Passport:Diplomatic/official/Ordinary/UN Laissez-Passer
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8. Period for which visa is required: From-----------To--------------
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10 Purpose for visiting Bhutan:--------------------------------------
11 Is this your first visit to Bhutan? Yes/No.If not give details of earlier

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