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Dear Travelers Namaste !

Welcome to Nepal – The Shangri-La. Nepal the land occupying a very tiny space in the world emits its own marvels hypnotizing the guests and beckons to taste its captivating beauty. The visitors come, explore and their commentary elucidates it as the "Destined Paradise". This minute country has been sandwiched by two massif masses named China from the north and India from south, east and west. Despite its smallness it has got the variety of land ranging from 8848m. The  Highest mountain Everest to the low lands of the Terai and from the balmy air of the Himalayas to the cool breeze in the mountains and the sizzling air of the Terai. Whether unraveling the snowy land in the Himalayas or penetrating deep in the forests of the mountains, whether rafting in the swift and enormous rivers or travelling through the old historical cities adorned by the masterpieces of the genuine craftsmanship Nepal and Nepalese you shall always find beautiful and memorable.

In order to assist you in this adventurous destination charming you from every corners Marron Treks (P.) Ltd. has come forth you with an authentic desire to assist with your plans and preparations pledging to offer the recommendable services.

Our long experience in this subject handling the guests from the nooks and corners of the world has taught us to work and prepare as per the taste of the client.

Marron Treks is an adventure organization in Nepal professional in operating sight seeing tours, hiking, treks mild and tough being environmentally conscious and safety first, religious tours, rafting, jungle safaris etc.

We believe in every guest deserves the personalized service, highlighting it our motto we are continuously engaged determined to offer the most efficient, recommendable and comfortable services to our every guest. Hoping to serve you for your necessary Tours & Treks management during your visit.We remain

With regards

Marron Treks (P.) Ltd.