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Tours in Bhutan (The Dragon Kingdom)

Bhutan, the Dragon Kingdom is Himalayan paradise like Nepal. Unspoiled, a very far from the modern technology and traditional way of living of the Bhutanese is something more than the Nepalese life which will really attract the tourist more. From the thick alpine forests to the culture and friendly people, this pristine country exudes the colors of life and jest, typified by the yells from the zealous archers. The Drugyel fortress and the ancient Taktsang monastery of hermits, which hangs on impossible cliffs are some of the fascinating historical places to visit in Paro.

Bhutan is a mountain kingdom plunged in the heart of the Himalayas, nestled between Tibet and India’s Assam Plain. Within its 18,000 square miles, Bhutan offers a variety of climates from the hot and humid jungles of the southern foothills to the more temperate central region and to the icy-cold snowcapped peaks in the north. The crystal beauty of Bhutan and its century old traditions are still alive and untrodden. The visit to Bhutan is regarded as "a millennium tour" guarantor for those who love unexplored nature and antique traditions.