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Food and Hygiene

During the trip the food, a very healthy, fresh and hygienic is must. So, we have taken time to select which food is suitable when you are away home from. Everyday fresh and vary in taste for all kind of people, no matter what they are only vegetarian or both and for all ages. Our specially trained Cooks are expert to prepare delicacy as per the weather and climate. During the trip for all kind of use only the boiled water is necessary. Our cooks serve you the water after medically treats.

During the trip enough food for all Nepalese staffs too according to the availability. .


staff.jpg (22366 bytes)All the guides are very experienced and would not show you the way only but also try to provide you the local information of cultural heritage and historical importance. They would give you essential information for your physical fitness during the trek and also for the acclimatization. Cooks are for good food as said above. The professional Sherpas are for your comfortable campsites and for security. The accompany of porters for carrying the necessary things.


Every itinerary has been walked by our guides and Sherpas for several times because of which they have enough ideas of the altitudes. They will give you place for overnight stay for your acclimatization. Your every trek route will pass through the several viewing points about which our staffs acknowledge you fully on the trek.


We are very conscious for the health condition of the Guests during trekking. The inclined land structure of Nepal gradually takes you to high altitudes, so acclimatization is one of the foremost precaution to be taken during the period. Our preciously designed itineraries give you a plenty of time for acclimatization so that you are enabled to adjust to the high altitude and be away from the fatal results and mutually to enjoy the fascinating beauty of outlying destinations.

With the motive of "Safety First" we use Gamow Bags, Oxygen Cylinders and masks & Pulse Oximeter which can guarantee your protection against Hazardous High Altitude.

All these life saving equipments shall be used by our experienced Guides and Sherpas to treat you which is fully effective !!!

So considering the security of our valuable guests we every time send these "Life Rescuing Equipments" with our staffs so that our services become reliable & safe and you can trek in the marvelous parts of Nepal with full confidence against your adjustment to the increasing elevation.

Safety arrangement:

During away from home in the trip safety arrangement are major components of a successful organizing. Everybody, as being the human wants a top security of the body itself and his valuables as well. We are much concerned on it seeing sometime of the calamities!