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Sikkim / Darjeeling

Sikkim is a small state of India settled among the Himalayas and nestled between Nepal and Bhutan. A lush paradise of greenery with charming trekking and mountain views. The third highest peak Kanchenjunga lies here. Amidst the distinction of mountain peaks, tender valleys, swift rivers and terraced fields, Sikkim always bestows its exceptional experience to everyone who comes to explore it.

Similarly, Darjeeling is also a small mountain valley which has been entirely decorated with its splendid panoramic views and the friendly people. Nevertheless, it is one of the genuine tourist destination which this state of foreign Nepalese never fails to grant you. Dajeeling tour is always defined as "an experience to be involved" once in the span of life.

TOUR #801 Dzongri Trek Itinerary: 9 Days
TOUR #802. Kanchanjunga Trek Itinerary: 10 Days
TOUR #803 Chaurigaon Trek Itinerary 12 Days
TOUR #804 Goechala Trek 14 Days