Pashmina  or cashmere is wool of finest quality obtained from fur around the neck and chest of a rare bred of mountain goat known as the capra hircus, found in the high altitudes of the Himalayas. This wool is of the finest quality. The wool is very fine and is blended with silk for strength and shine. Pashmina materials are very light and provides effective insulation. Owing to  its extraordinary qualities it has become very popular lately due to its best qualities. Light and versatile, these shawls are exceptionally warm and they make a wonderful gift. They come in about 50 colors at present.

 Gift it to someone you love and see the after effect or you can have the pleasure of owning one yourself. They are the ultimate transitional object, a security blanket that wraps the wearer in the fondest of memories.


Pashmina shawls has been spun by women in the Himalayas in ancient times and handed down from generation to generation as heirloom. In the 18th and 19th century it was traded in Europe and other countries. It became popular amongst Mogul Empress and French ladies because of its remarkably soft texture, light weight and warming capacity. These shawls were regarded as items of luxury and they are indeed worth it. Now, Pashmina has become the latest fad in the western world and is fast growing. This is not just a passing fad, they make a timeless fashion statement from this millennium to the next.


Available at present are Pashmina Shawls, Stoles, Mufflers, Scarves, Blankets, Baby wrappers, etc. of different sizes and qualities. e.g. Blended with silk as well as 100% Pure Pashmina. We also produce beaded and embroidered Pashmina in different colors. We can also produce graduating/ombre colored Pashmina. Check out for the exclusive sizes, colors and qualities of Pashmina we provide in our Website.

All the stuffs are prepared by weaving in hand looms, dyed into different colors and finishing touches are made with different process in order to make it more soft and attractive. The colors we use for dyeing are of international standard and thus guaranteed for its fastness.

About Swastik Handicraft Exports

Swastik Handicraft Exports is a company registered under the Company act of Nepal. We are the member of Nepal Chamber of Commerce and The Handicraft Association of Nepal.

We are specialized in exporting Pashmina materials. We export the best quality Pashmina only. The Pashmina materials are produced by highly skilled  weavers in Nepal. We select only the best quality products for export. But our prices are very  competitive as we  work at a very low margin.

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