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Nepal, the land of Lord Pashupatinath and Mt. Sagarmatha (Everest ) and the birth place of Lord Buddha ( light of Asia ) and Goddess Sita, the consort of Lord Ram ( Hero of Ramayana). Nepal is a sovereign independent kingdom situated on the southern slopes of the mid-Himalayas. Her borders are contiguous with India in the east, west,
south and with the Tibetan autonomous region of P.R. China in the north. Nepal is endowed with a wide varieties of flora and fauna meandering Rivers, Lakes, Glaciers, Mountains and lush green Valleys. Not surprisingly, Nepal offers something for everybody – a Tourist, Trekker, River Runner, Wild Life enthusiast, Anthropologist, Poet, Artist, Writer or a Scholar. Viewing to explore above concept, We are offering the excellent services to fulfill your purpose while visiting in Nepal. Join with us feeling up our Intake Form. We assure you to offer reliable and comfortable services with homely Nepalese hospitality.

Short descriptions of Tourist destinations

Kathmandu Valley (1311m) having three fabled cities – Kathmandu, Patan & Bhaktapur. The valley is great historical, cultural and political interest. The valley is open-air museum of artistic temples, monuments, stupas having seven UNESCO World Heritage sites. 2000 years before Kathmandu valley was a big lake. Manjushree, the saint of wisdom came to pay homage to the Lotus. To get closer to the flower, he cut the lake edge at Chovar by his wisdom sword and the water was drained away. Then the valley was created. 

Attractive Tourist places in Kathmandu Valley - 
Kathmandu Durbar square
- Taleju Bhawani, Kumari, a temple of living goddess, Kasthmandap, Ashok Vinayak, Kal Bhairav, and Erotic Temples. Akash Bhairav Temple, Machhendranath Temple and Annapurna Temple are in main market area. Pashupatinath Temple, Baudhanath Stupa, Monasteries, Budhanilkanth, Swoyambhunath are in around the Ring Road. 
Patan - Mul Chowk, Sundari Chowk and Keshav Narayan Chowk, Krishna Mandir, Hiranya Verna Mahavihar, Kumbheshwor, Mahabaudha, Rudraverna Mahavihar, Machhendranath and Minnath Temple, Kumbheswore, The Ashokan Stupas, Achheswor Mahavihar.
- The Lion Gate, the golden Gate, the picture Gallery, the Palace of 55 Windows, the bell of barking dogs, the Batsala temple. The statue of King Bhupatindra Malla, Nyatapola Temple, Bhairavnath Temple, Dattatraya Temple, Pujari Muth, Changu Narayan.

Around the Kathmandu Valley

There are many beautiful and interesting places to visit in the vicinity of Kathmandu valley like – 
Dakshin Kali Temple – A famous Kali Temple and picnic spot of Valley at 22 km south of city.
Chovar George – Here Bhuddist saint Manjushree had slashed a passage to drain out the primordial water and make it inhabitable . 
Kirtipur - Typical Newar Village having some temples and monuments of Malla period.
Kakani, Shivapuri, Nagarkot & Dhulikhel -These are the hill stations to view the mountain ranges, sunrise and sunset views
Godawari Botanical Garden - This is a famous picnic spot with green environment.
Bajrabarahi - This is a small wood mark with beautiful Barahi Temple & typical Newar village.
Sankhu - It is 14 km east of Kathmandu. Here is famous Bajrajogini Temple with
typical Newar village.
Banepa - This is 25 km east of Kathmandu having famous Chandeswori Temple in the Newar city. 
Namobuddha is 12 km west-south of Banepa. Here is historical Buddhist stupa and monastery.
Panauti - is 7 km west of Banepa having beautiful temples in the Newar city.

Daman is situated 80 km. south-west of Kathmandu at an altitude of 2400 meters. For the view of the breathtaking grandeur of the world’s highest peaks extending in one glittering are from far-west of Mt. Dhaulagiri to far-east of Sagarmatha ( Mt. Everest ), Daman is the best place to view the long Mountain range by its long range telescopes

You can enjoy 1 to 4 days hiking around the valley to explore Shivapuri, Champa Devi, Phoolchowki, hills & Timal Narayan Temple, Palanchowk Bhagawati Temple and
much more.

Attractive tourist places in west Nepal

Pokhara Valley (885m) -  is one of the much picturesque sports of Nepal, situated 210 km. West of Kathmandu. Its natural surrounding, lovely lakes and close view of Dhaulagiri, Annapurna range with Machhapuchhre and Lamjung
Himal range, enhance the Valley. Tourist places are – Phewa Lake, Begnas Lake, David's fall, Mahendra Cave, Barahi Temple, Vindawashini Temple, Seti George and Natural Museum. The area is famous for 1 to 3 days hiking.
Gorkha is an original land of Shah Dynasty and the birthplace of Prithivi Narayan Shah, the first King of United Nepal. It is situated 131 km. west of Kathmandu. The famous name of Gorkha Regiment in United Kingdom & India derives from this place. Gorkha Palace, Gorkhkali Temple and Manakamana Temple are enjoyable and interesting site, also very important for Hindu religion. 
Bandipur – 9 km south of Bimalnagar on the way Tribhuvan Highway (Kathmandu – Pokhara). This village offers beautiful mountain view, artistic houses & pagoda temples. It has a largest cave in the country, the Siddha Gupha, which is full of stalactites & stalagmite. 
Tansen ( Palpa ) - is situated at an altitude of 1371 m. above the sea-level and 150 km. south of Pokhara and 40km. North of Butwal. Tansen is the most popular summer resort in western Nepal. It has perhaps eye-catching attractions to view the Himalayan range of Mt. Dhulagiri in the west to Mt. Gaurishanker in the north - east. It is also a hill city dominated by Newar community with some monuments related with the Malla culture. 
- the place where the BUDDHA was born in 623 B.C .It is situated in the Terai plains of the southern Nepal. The nativity site is marked by a stone pillar erected by Emperor Ashoka in 249 B.C to commemorate his pilgrimage to the sacred spot. Lumbini is listed as a world Heritage site by UNESCO. It is being developed with international support as the supreme Buddhist pilgrimage and symbol of world peace. Recent excavations have turned up a stone bearing a "foot imprint" indicating the exact place of birth the Puskarni Pond, where mother queen Mayadevi had taken a bath before giving birth of him lies nearby. Many countries built different beautiful monasteries in the International Monastery Zone, reflecting the architectural traditions of the respective countries, which represent the message of universal friendship, brotherhood
and peace.

Attractive Tourist places in East Nepal

Dolakha -  is an old settlement known for its peculiar shrine of Bhimsen Temple, the patron deity of businessman. From here can see very close view of Mt. Gauri Shankar.
Janakpur - is the birth place of Sita, the consort of lord Ram. Ram was a great noble & democratic King at the period of Treta Yuga (Ramayana), is situated 375 km. south of Kathmandu in the Tarai plans. It is also a historical capital of Mithila Padesh. The King of Mithila Pradesh was King Janak, a father of Sita. Sight seeing places are – Janaki Mandir, Ram Mandir, Dulha Dulhi Mandir, Vivaaha Mandap, Hanuman Temple, Sankata Mochan, Matihani Temple, Jaleshwore Temple, Dhanusha Dham, The holy Ponds & Maithili art Gallery. 
Dharan - was the important place known as a Birat Pradesh at the period of Mahabharat, is situated 510 km. East of Kathmandu. Here is a couple of Pilgrimage spots Including Dantakali, Pindeshwori, Panch Kanya, Bodhasubba and Barahachhetra. Bhedetar is the best hill station to view Mt Everest, Mt Makalu & Mt. Kanchajunga. & the  valleies. Here you will met many retire army of Gorkha Regiment.

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