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Some important Hindu & Buddhist pilgrimage destinations

Buddhist Sector

Lumbini, Nepal – The birthplace of Lord Buddha.Kapilvastu – A capital of King Sudhodhan, a father of Buddha, where he spent his formative year. 

, Vihar, India – Where Buddha was enlighten. 

, Utter Padesh, India – Buddha had first sermon the principal of peace to his 5 disciples.

Kushinagar, Utter Pradesh, India – Where Buddha was dead.

Other important places

Rajgir & Nalanda, Vihar India – The capital of King Ashoka & interesting Buddhist monuments.

Vaishali, Vihar, India – Where Buddha delivered last sermon.

Sravasti, Utter Pradesh, India – Where Buddha stayed repeatedly long time with his disciples.

Kathmandu Valley, Nepal – Swoyambhu Chaitya, Baudha Stupa, many other monuments, Chaityas & Stupas are very old & famous. Hiranyavarna Mahavihar, Rudhavarna Mahavihar. Achheswor Mahavihar, Kapan Monastery, Bhuatanese Monastery, Tibetan Monastery & many other Monasteries.

Namobuddha, Kabre, Nepal -  is a meaning that "Hail to the Buddha" a holy site for hundreds of years.

Lhasa, Tibet – Where Buddhism develop in its own way.

Kailash – Manasarovar, Tibet – a ultimate pilgrimage.  

Buddhist pilgrimage tour

BC – 2011

Kathmandu / Lumbini / Kapilvastu

7 days

BC – 2012


11 days

BC – 2013

Kathmandu/Lumbini/Kapilvastu/Sravasti/Kushinagar/Sarnath/Kaushambi/ Rajgir/Nalanda/Vaishali

18 days

BC – 2014

Kathmandu / Lumbini / Kapilvastu / Tibet (drive in / fly out)

15 days

BC – 2015

Kathmandu / Tibet (drive in / fly out)

10 days

BC – 2016

Kathmandu / Kailash – Manasovar Drive in / out

20 days

BC – 2017

All above (Nepal, India & Tibet)

24 days

  Hindu Sector

Kathmandu Valley – Pashupatinath Temple, 4 important Vishnu Temples, 4 important Ganesh Temples. 10 Bhairav Temples, 9 Durga Temples, 12 Joginies Temples and many other Hindu Temples in & around three cities.

Muktinath - West Nepal, north of Mt Annapurna Massif – This is one of the 106th sacred Muktichhetra (assured of salvation) of 108 sacred place of Vaishnavism, where Lord Vishnu got free from the curse of Sati. Here is a largest Saligram. Here is also a Jwaladevi, a divine flame is continuously burning since thousands of year. This pagoda –shaped temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu situated at an altitude of 3800 m in Mustang . Set into the wall around 108 water spouts from which pour holy water.  

Mt. Kailash Tibet is a mystic core of creation, the axis of the world system and gateway of the spiritual world. To Hindu, Kailash is the heavenly abode of Lord Shiva. To Buddhist, It is the residence of Demchok, the wrathful manifestation of Buddha Sakyamuni. Both Hindu & Buddhist believe that it is a fragment of Mt. Sumeru, the cosmic mountain at the center of universe. Jains worship Kailash as Mountain Astapada. To Bon Po, it is a soul of Tibet where the sect’s legendary founder, Tonpa Shenrab descended from heaven to the earth. Tibetan knows Kailash as Kang Ringoche, precious snow mountain. Quite apart from mythological and devotional aspect, Kailash is by any measure a stunningly beautiful mountain, standing completely alone in all its glory. Manasarovar is situated at 4588 m. above sea level, is the highest body of fresh and pure water in the world. Its circumference is 64 miles and area is 2000 sq. miles and approx. Depth is 300ft. It freezes in winter. The Tibetan name of Mansarovar is Mapham Tso, the unconquerable Lake in the world. In many languages, it is the holiest lake of Asia. Even the God & Goddess, Ferry, Yaksha, Gandarva & Kindarva occasionally visit here for the holiest bath.  

Chandeswory Bhagavati Temple - Banepa 26 km east from Kathmandu. This is a very old & famous Durga temple. This is the main special Godess of many communities.  

Devaghat - It is 6 km north of Narayanghat & 140 km from Kathmandu at the confluence of Trishuli & Kaligandhaki River. Here all 7 holy Gandaki Rivers meet together to form a Narayani River. This is the one of the important place for the holy bath. In this place the demigods came to honor Lord Vishnu when he saved Gajendra, an elephant from the attack of a crocodile after hearing his prayers of devotion. There is a temple of  Radha-Krishna dedicated by Nimbarka Vaishnava sect. 

Ridi ghat - 50 km from Tansen at the confluence of the Kali Gandhaki and Ridi Khola. In this small place, here is a temple of Rishikeshwara (Vishnu) with 50 other small temples. Pilgrims visit here to earn merit for this life as well as for their next life. About 200 Vishshnavas of the Nimbarka & Sri Ramanuja Sampradaya sects live in near by Ridi Bazar.  

Vyas Cave – This holy cave mentioned in the Skanda Purans situated 1 km south of Damauli Bazar at the confluence of Seti River and Madi Khola. Damauli Bazar is 50 km from Pokhara on Prithivi High Way. A great sage Vyas was born and lived in this cave. It was an abode of the great philosopher Parasar, a father of Saint Vyas. His son Sukhadeva also had deep meditation near by cave. 

Manakamana Mai – a mighty Goddess as a defender of faith and the distracter of devils, who is believed to have a power to fulfill wishes. Drive Prithivi Highway (kathmandu-Pokhara) 94 km & reach at Kurintar from there available Cable Car to reach at Temple site, lies atop 1302 m hill.

Janakpur – It is situated 375 km south of Kathmandu. It is the capital of Mithila Kingdom of King Janak, who was known as novel religious holy king of the period of Ramayan. This a birth place if Sita, Wife of Lord Rama, 7th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. A holy saint Sri Shurkiswor Das discover the ruins of the ancient capital Mithila King and the birth place of Sita. 108th year before Queen Brishabhanu of Tikramgarh of India built with the cost of 9 hundred thousand cash.

Baraha Chhetra – It is situated 20 km west north of Dharan. Here is a temple of Barah, the third incarnation of lord Vishnu at the influence of Coca River. Here all 7 Koshi Rivers meet together & form a Sapta Koshi River. It is known that, this is one of the best among four pilgrimages. Having this incarnation Lord Vishnu killed demon Hiranakshya.  

Balmiki Ashram – It is an island in Narayani River near Triveni, 20 km south of Kusunde, which lies on Narayanghat – Butawal Highway. Goddess Sita was exiled from the royal palace & stayed here. She gave born twin sons – Lava & Kusha. This Ashram was a retreat used by the great sage Balmiki, who wrote complete epic of Ramayan.  

Tour Days

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1. Kathmandu - Hindu and Buddhist 6 days
2. Kathmandu - Dev ghat – Lumbini – Janakpur 12 days
3. Kathmandu - Dev ghat – Lumbini – Bijayapur –Bahrachhetra 15 days
4. Buddhist Pilgrimage tour ( Nepal & India )
Nepal - (Kathmandu – Lumbini – Kapilbastu)
India - (Kushinagar – Sarnath – Bodhgaya – Rajgir – Nalanda –  Vaishali – Sravasti – Kausumbi)
11 to 18 days
5. Muktinath from Pokahra – fly– Pony 4 days
6. Muktinath by charter helicopter Same days
7, Kailash – Manasarovar ( Drive in/out Kathmandu) 14 days

 Some Hindu pilgrimage in the mountain in Nepal

Pathivara – A residence if Goddess Parvati, is situated Taplejung, eastern Nepal.

Mai Pokhari – A holy lake situated in Ilam.

Haleshi  – A very famous Shiva Lingam in Khotang district related with the Mahabharat period 

Bhimsen Temple
in Dolakha having a peculiar statue. It change itself its shape of three gods in a day.

Gosai Kunda – This Lake is believed to have been created By Lord Shiv, when he thrust his trident into a mountain to draw water so that he could cool himself after swallowing poison that burn his throat. It situated at an altitude of 4380 m north of Kathmandu. Drive 118 km from Kathmandu to Dhunche & trek two days to reach.

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