wpeD1.jpg (2615 bytes)PASHMINA ( Better Know as CASHMERE), the DIAMOND FIBRE from the peaks of HIMALAYA, is the softest wool found in the nature. What is more is that it grows softer with use. Besides the softness, it has an exotically silky texture, weightless lightness but super warmth. Wearing it next to the skin provides a uniquely titilating experience which has been described as, ' SENSUAL SUBLIMITY' by our ancestors who had perfected the skill to retrieve, 'Pasham',the diamond fibre, to a status of 90-95% purity from a natural status of 30-35% purity, hand spun it and weave this excellent fabric that adorned the bodies of the BEAUTY, BRAVE and the BRAINS on almost sub-global scale. But the historical vicissitudes through which we have passed during last two centuries dislocated the social process of disseminating knowledge from generation to generation, as a result this wonderful Articraft had become almost extinct by the middle of this century when the sudden boom in the tourist sector, starting mid sixties, stimulated re-emergency of the craft on commercial scale. But the quantitative proliferation during last three decades has resulted in the neglect of the quality. The 'Run of the Mill' Products available in the market presently are sub standard when copared to the levels of excellence reached by our ancestor.

The Pashmina ( Cashmere) fibre is derived from a mountain goat called ' Chyangra' which is native to the HIMALAYAN belt, around and above 10000 ft. above sea level. The Pasham ( Cashmere fibre) is the fine inner ( under) growth over which the goat has another layer of thick and coarse dead fibres. The Pasham ( Cashmere fibre) is profusely mixed up with these dead fibres. It is an extremely complicated technique to extricate pure Pasham ( Cashmere) from the beds of the coarser dead fibres into which the real fibre is deeply embedded. Unless fibres are cleaned upto 98% purity before hand spinning, the unique texture of Pashmina ( Cashmere) does not emerge.


Having studied the genesis of this unique natural gift to Humanity for almost a decade, NEPAL PASHMINA INDUSTRY was founded in 1992 as a husband and wife team with a determination to revive the heritage of Nepalese Pashmina Craft with the ancient zeal. The decade long research in the various aspect of the process transforming the Diamond Fibre into an exotic Fabric knitwear paid its dividents and we have expanded to a team of 120 persons covering a Head Office & Factory, eight sales outlets and a full fledged spining unti within a span of three years. Our turn-over during last three years has been rupees 6.00 million, 6.6 million and 9.00 million, for the respective years.
                                                                                                                                                                Managing Director

Having gained the confidence of the local market comprising International Tourist, Resident expatriates and upper class Nepalese, the industry has just embarked on a mission to export to European countries. NPI products have been well received in Germany and enquiries are maturing to export to other countries in the region by this year end. Our initially soft probs in a few selected niches of USA are also ber encouraging. To meet export and local sales targets, NPI holds a comprehensive inventory of 75 items on the menu. Blanets, Shawls, Scarves and Sweater. The former three are available in Silk, Cotton, superfine wool and pure Cashmere ( Pashmina) bases sweaters and pullovers are available in pure Pashmina ( Cashmere) too. The entire NPI team feels proud for having revived a heritage and continues to improve to reach the PAR EXCELLENCE in quality that our ancestors had reached. Besides we deliver parcel whatever quantity it may be as a door to door services or by postal service also.

P. M. Shrestha
Head Office & Factory
Redcross Marg Kalimati
(Near Hotel Soaltee Holiday Inn)
P.O.Box 1956, Kathmandu
Tel :
273292, 273354
Fax: 977-1-270092

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