The Valley of Pokhara is paradise. 200 kilometres west from Neapl's capital, fabled kathmandu, at just 827 metes above sea level, this enchanting vale is one of nature 's rare places where such dramatic views of the world's highest mountains might be enjoyed from the sub-tropical, lake-dotted valley.

The lodge lies on the shores of pokhara's largest lake, phewa. Sufficiently set back from the main road to grarantee peace, quiet and privacy, there are just ten rooms, all with attached tiled toilets, 24 -hour cold and solar-heated running water, built around one of the best gardens in pohhara .there is a sun terrace from where the mountains to the north or the lake waters to the south may be viewed and you can get a cold beer or a hot cup of coffee while you relax. All the rooms are fully carpeted, have TV sets and channels ranging from CNN &BBC to Star Movies, India's Doordarshan and Nepal's TV Trrnk call .fax and E-mail services . and should we be hit by a sudden power cut, you won't be left in the dark ! We have a geneator on standby.

Breakfast is served in the garden or on the sun Terrace.Your choice. The Lodge is a family-run establishment, the service quiet, informal and unobtrusive, if there is anything you need-whether it's information on what to see in the valley, how to have your clothes launderd, where to eat-ask one of the Borthers Adhikari. One or other is sure to be around, happy to be of assistance in making your visit just that much more a memorable experience. Bookings may be made directly to the lodge, through your Travel Agent or our representative office in kathmandu.


Room Tariff

Till 31st Dec. 1999

Special discount available on request

Single with attach bath
Double with attach bath
Family Room with attach bath
Single with bath Tub
Double with bath Tub
Fixed Breakfast
US$ 16.00
US$ 24.00
US$ 28.00
US$ 20.00.
US$ 30.00
US$ 4.00



The New Pokhara Lodge
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