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  • Vol. XXVI, No 1-2, July 1999

    Executive Board
    Deepak Shimkhada
    Michael Kenny
    1st Vice-President
    Kundan Rimal
    2nd Vice-President
    Tracy Harcourt
    Anil Pradhan
    Buddha Shakya

    Board of Advisors
    Jitendra Amatya
    Ananta Baidya
    Sandy Brown
    Kiran Joshi
    Veda B. Joshi
    Kanhaiya Kayastha
    V. Sagar Kaushik
    Judy Lipton
    Rajendra Malla
    Parvati Joshi Proffitt

    Scholarship Fund
    Veda B. Joshi
    Virgil Day
    Shambhu Kayastha
    Judy Lipton
    Alan Wald

    Honorary Members
    GM of Chevron-USA
    Merrill R. Goodall
    Nepal's Ambassador to the US
    Philip Trimble
    Dale Vrabec


    I thank Deepak Shimkhada and the Executive Committee of the America-Nepal Society of California, Inc. for giving me the opportunity to serve as its second Vice President. The function of the second Vice President includes the editing of Crossroads, the official newsletter of the Society. I feel honored to hold this office and assure you that I will do my best to meet your high standards.
    This may be the right moment to introduce myself. I am one of five children whose father served thirty years in the Diplomatic Corps of His Majesty's Government of Nepal. My mother, two brothers and two sisters accompanied my father on his government assignments. I have lived in the capital of China during its Cultural Revolution, the capital of Iran during its Islamic Revolution, the capital of the Soviet Union during Perestroika and the capital of the United States during the Watergate Scandal.
    I graduated from the University of Punjab in Chandigarh (India), a beautiful city planned by Le Corbusier, the same French architect who designed the Capitol in Washington D.C. This continent-hopping has made me see the world from a different perspective. I have come to admire the cultures of the world, and have come to realize that these cultures have commonalities. Although we feel we are different in race, color, religion, and ideology, we share many social values, which bind us together in one big global society.
    As your 2nd Vice President I will be happy to provide you with information concerning the cultural advantages Southern California has to offer the Nepali Community through the medium of the newsletter. While we intend to preserve our Nepali traditions, the extent to which Nepali culture influences the fabric of Southern California living is indeed amazing.
    I certainly do not like to make my role a one-way street; I anticipate interacting with you and you with me, so that we can engage in some meaningful dialogs. So, please send me your thoughts, ideas, inputs in the form of letters, articles, poems, and artwork. I would like to make Crossroads a first-rate publication, and I need your help in doing that.--Kundan Rimal

    In Next Issue

    Orange County artist, Betty Petersen, has visited Nepal five times over the past decade, creating more than 180 paintings and sketches. We will have a feature article on Betty and her paintings in our next issue.

    The Crossroads is published by the America-Nepal Society of California, Inc. three times a year and distributed free of charge to its members and a limited number of interested readers. The newsletter's goal is to foster understanding between Nepal and the United States through educational, cultural and social activities. Contributions of articles, news and suggestions are welcome from both members and non-members. For membership information, please write to President, ANS-CA, Inc., 1682 Lowell Avenue, Claremont, CA 91711.Visit our website at www.nepal@ansca.com

    Videocassettes of the Nepali motion picture Allare are for sale at $15/each. Two dollars from the sale of each cassette will go to the entertainment fund of the America-Nepal Society of California. If you missed the screening of the film at Claremont in April, here is the opportunity to watch it in the comfort of your own home. When released in 1997, Allare played for more than six months in the movie theaters of Nepal, breaking the record of Nepali film running for the longest time. The price includes shipping and handling. Since there are limited number of copies of the videotape, they will be sold on first-come-first-serve basis. So please place your order now: 909-621-0783.

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