8 Citroen Place, Ingleburn, Sydney, NSW 2565 ( Ref:11/G09011- 9618 0203 )


Next Meeting: Sunday, 27th September 1998, 1:00 PM sharp

(Surendra & Sulekha’s Place):14 Bunda Place, Glenmore Park , NSW.

Bhintuna/Namaste September 1998



  • To discuss on "Mha Puja" organisation committee for this year.
  • Talk programme on Investment - Kabindra Shrestha, AMP Financial Adviser.
  • Annual Budget Details - Dr Umesh Sinya, Treasurer.

RSVP by: 26th September 1998. If attending, please call (Tel: 9618 0203 -Narendra after hours.)

Our last guthiya meeting was held at 8 Citroen Place, Ingleburn on 4th July 1998 with the following pasa pucha attending: Apologies:

Hosts- Bhaju Narendra & Mainju Ava Shrestha (NS & AS) Bhaju Puran Sayemi (Rocks Market)

Bhaju Tara & Mainju Bijuma Shrestha (TS & BS) Bhaju Bijaya L Shrestha

Bhaju Padam Sakya (PD) Bhaju Pukar M Pradhan

Bhaju Rajendra Rajbhandary (RR) Bhaju Rajendra Shrestha

Bhaju (Dr) Umesh & Mainju Linda Sinhya (US & LS) Bhaju Bijaya Baidya Bhaju Prasanna Mool (PM)

Bhaju (Dr) Surendra Shrestha (SS)

Bhaju (Dr) Narayan & Mainju Leela Pradhan (NP & LP)

Bhaju Leader M Shrestha (LM)

Late comers: Prasanna & Umesh .(A$5 ??)

The meeting opened at 1:45PM with sincere thanks to our hosts Narendra and Ava for providing the facility to conduct our 7th guthi meeting in their home with food and drinks.

The following topics were discussed and minuted:

NS Requested Prasanna Mool’s guest Leader Man Shrestha to introduce himself.

Leader M Shrestha and family (wife Mona , daughter Agrima-2 yrs ) was here in 1996 to fulfil migrant entry visa. He graduated in Information science from AIT, specialising in Networking. Presently living in Unit 3/60-62 Victoria street, Werrington. Been here 2 months +.

SS Proposed to have regular meeting as a Guthi Family Picnic occasion with BBQ and select new places which have children park..

All agreed with the proposal and will be considered from next time.

NS Proposed assistance from Guthi members to collect information on reliable Handyman (preferably Nepalese )

who can do small jobs such as painting, tiling, tree lopping, etc. This will help the Nepalese community to hire known reliable work and also boost jobs for Nepalese specially students for quick cash earning.

Advertise in newsletter and inform Narendra for database entry.

NS Proposed to setup a financial / share club with participating members contributing monthly (A$50) and getting together to invest in shares.

Bring in Financial/Share expert to explain and give a talk.

SS Suggested to have a once a year meeting of all Nepalese in Australia (even interstate), to come together and have a big party. Involve NAA, Gurkha association and other affiliated organisation. Objective to unite Nepalese to voice as a force for recognition with ethnic organisation and political parties. Example in USA where visitors arrange accommodation with friends or by themself. ..Dr Rao from Melbourne with the Indian community.

Consider talk with different organisation and check for feasibility.

NP Informed our members about Gurkha Association’s forthcoming "Hari Bansa/Madan Krishna" show for September 12-13 at St John Clancy Auditorium, University of NSW, Kensington. A follow up picnic around August 2nd week in collaboration with Nepalese Australian Association for ticket sale and fund raising.

Contact for ticket sale : Narayan or Leela Pradhan (Yak & Yeti, Tel: 9552 1220) Ticket prices: A$30,A$50,A$75

The meeting ended with a brief photo session of members and guests which will be kept in the next newsletter and can be seen in the internet at Guthi homepage URL address:

http// www.catmando.com/npo/guthi/guthi.html

Next Meeting: Padam Sakya’s place, 20th September 1998, 1:00PM (Venue changed to above address)

For Sale:

Mobile Phone-Optus weekend Plus: contract remaining till June 1999. minimum charge $25/month. Free calls after 7:00PM weekdays and all weekends. Contact: P Mool (9673 2528)

KTX Computer: IBM 686-cyrix CPU, 16MB memory, 1.3GB HDD, 2 speakers, Windows 98, Word 6.0, etc, and heaps of games included. Contact: N Shrestha -9618 0203 (A$600 ono).

Guthi choice on NEWARI culture and heritage for the month-http://www.asianart.com/patan-museum/index.html



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