8 Citroen Place, Ingleburn, Sydney, NSW 2565 ( Ref:12/G10- 9618 0203 )


Picnic: Saturday, 24th October 1998, 11:00 AM

Where: Stanwell Park, Stanwell Tops , NSW. (see map below)

Cost: A$5.00 per person (children under 5yrs free)

Drinks & chairs BYO.

RSVP by: 17th October 1998 (Please call: 9618 0203 after hours)

Nhu Daya Bhintuna 1119 to all Nepalese in Australia ! OOctober 1998


  • Dr Umesh Sinya to reserve a place in the park around 9:30AM.
  • Members to come in around 10:00 AM for food preperation.
  • Food cooking and arrangements by Puran Sayemi.
  • Enjoy "Mha Puja" celebration and a Happy New Year 1119 (Nepal Sambat) .

Our last guthiya meeting was held at 14 Bunda Place, Glenmore Park on 27th September 1998 with the following pasa pucha attending (see member’s pictures on the back page):



Bhaju (Dr) Surendra & Mainju Sulekha Shrestha (SS &SS)- Host

Bhaju (Dr) Umesh Sinya (US)

Bhaju Narendra & Mainju Ava Shrestha (NS & AS)

Bhaju Leader M Shrestha (LM)

Bhaju Tara & Mainju Bijuma Shrestha (TS & BS)

Bhaju Chetan Bajracharya (CB)

Bhaju Bijaya & Mainju Sarita Baidya (BB & SB)

Bhaju Kabindra Shrestha (KS)

Bhaju Rajendra & Mainju Hima Rajbhandary (RR & HR)

Bhaju Kabin Joshi (KJ)

Bhaju Puran Sayemi (PU)

Bhaju Sunil Shrestha (SU)

Bhaju Padam Sakya (PD)

Mainju Indra Ban (IB)



Bhaju Prasanna Mool (overseas)


Bhaju Pukar M Pradhan (overseas)

Bhaju Bijaya L Shrestha

Bhaju Rajendra Shrestha

After some 30 minutes delay with Puran/Padam/Kabin/Indra getting lost in the famous Glenmore Park road maze, everybody finally managed to get together. The meeting finally opened at 1:45 PM with sincere thanks to our hosts Surendra and Sulekha for providing the facility to conduct our 8th guthi meeting in their home with plenty of delightful snacks, drinks and tea.

The following topics were discussed and minuted:

NS Opened the meeting with a toast to celeberate Vijaya Dashmi and to welcome new faces and members. Two new faces Chetan and Sunil were asked to introduce themself and then all old members took in turn to introduce themself for the new members.

Chetan Bajracharya with his wife Kanti and son are here on a working visa through Alcatel and have been living in Casula for the past few months.

Sunil Shrestha from Patan is a student at UTS and came as a guest of LeaderMan Shrestha.

SS Proposed to have this year’s "Mha Puja picnic" at Bicentennial park, Homebush. After some discussion on most members wanting to go to a new place, Umesh (US) proposeded "Stanwell Park" and everybody agreed with the place due to its closeness to the beach, BBQ facility and children’s park.

NS Proposed to have a Nepali style "Ban bhoj" with food preperation at the site itself. Puran (PU) was asked to coordinate the process with the following items in the menu list: Chiura, Chicken curry, Alu tama, BBQ lamb, Chana, Alu achar + more ?? Everybody agreed to charge a nominal cost of A$5 per head with children under 5 years free. The meeting also agreed to send out invitation to all Nepali affiliated associations in NSW which in turn can convey the invitation to its members and their friends.

KS Introduced himself as an AMP financial adviser and discussed in detail with overhead projections on financial planning and ways to setup Guthi as a financial trust. All members thanked Kabindra for his effort and learned some valuable financial tips. More discussion will follow with him to create a financial trust for Guthi Australia.

The meeting ended with a brief photo session of members and guests which follows below:

Members who attended Guth meeting at Narendra & Ava’s place on 4th July 1998:

Members who attended Guthi meeting at Surendra & Sulekha’s place on 27 September 1998

Picnic Map:

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