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Puja, The Nepal Resource and Information Center, is a charitable, non-profit organization based in Washington D.C. Incorporated in 1993 under the code 501 (c)(3), the group is dedicated to serving as an information clearinghouse on Nepal, facilitating contacts between Nepalese and American professionals and students, and fostering interest in the cultural wealth and diversity of the Himalayan kingdom.

Puja functions as a coordinating organization between individuals and professional, cultural and regional groups, encouraging Americans to develop their business and personal interests in Nepal, and bringing together dedicated Nepalese. Through an extensive database and information network, the center serves for discussion and group action on Nepal-related issues.

Puja aims to serve the Nepali community by providing information and contacts to individuals and organizations and working in a mentoring capacity to students and professionals. To facilate the professional advancement and recognition of Nepalese, Puja offers an open forum for the exihibition and exploration of innovative ideas and talents. This open forum compliments the activities of Nepal-oriented organizations and serves as a sister organization, coordinating efforts to encourage interest in Nepal development issues and in the betterment of the Nepali community.

Founding to serve both the Nepalese community and those involved in business, development, and cultural relationships to Nepal, Puja is committed to maintaining its presence as a public service organization. The resource center and information network are available to the public, and are expanded based on the community interests and needs. As a non-profit group, Puja operates solely on donations and grants; continued strengthening and maintenance of the network is dependent on private support. Questions and request for specific information are welcome.

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