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Arrival in Kathmandu from               Departure from Kathmandu to

BANGKOK                                 BANGKOK
RA402 1645 Tue/Fri                      RA401 0900 Tue/Fri
RA408 1600 Mon/Thu                      RA407 1400 Wed/Sun
TG311 1245 daily except Tue/Thu         TG312 1350 daily except Tue/Thu

BOMBAY                                  BOMBAY
RA202 1410 Mon/Fri                      RA201 0800 Mon/Fri

CALCUTTA                                CALCUTTA
RA214 1345 Wed/Sun                      RA213 2000 Wed/Sun
IC747 1250 Mon/Tue/Thu/Sat              IC748 1330 Mon/Tue/Thu/Sat

DELHI                                   DELHI
RA206 2000 Mon                          RA205 1600 Mon
RA206 1230 Tue/Wed/Sat/Sun              RA205 0830 Tue/Wed/Sat/Sun
RA206 1530 Thu                          RA205 1130 Thu
RA218 2200 Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri/Sat          RA217 1800 Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri/Sat
RA218A 2000 Sat                         RA217A 1600 Sat
IC813 1510 daily                        IC814 1600 daily
KB108 1345 Mon/Thu                      KB107 0910 Mon/Thu

DHAKA                                   DHAKA
BG703 1235 Mon/Thu/Fri                  BG704 1315 Mon/Thu/Fri
BG703 1450 Wed/Sun                      BG704 1530 Wed/Sun
SQ414 1155 Thu/Sun                      SQ413 1330 Thu/Sun

DUBAI                                   DUBAI
RA230 1445 Mon/Sat                      RA229 0800 Fri/Sun
RA232 1445 Thu                          RA231 0800 Wed

FRANKFURT                               FRANKFURT
RA230 1445 Mon/Sat via Dubai            RA229 0800 Fri/Sun via Dubai
RA232 1445 Thu via Dubai                RA231 0800 Wed via Dubai
LH764 0955 Mon/Wed/Sun via Karachi      LH765 1125 Mon/Wed/Sun via Karachi

HONGKONG                                HONGKONG
RA410 2005 Tue/Thu/Sat                  RA409 0945 Tue/Thu/Sat

KARACHI                                 KARACHI
PK268 1735 Mon                          PK269 1855 Mon
PK249 1015 Thu                          PK250 1125 Thu
LH764 0955 Wed/Sun                      LH765 1125 Wed/Sun

LHASA                                   LHASA
SZ407 0915 Tue/Sat                      SZ408 1015 Tue/Sat

LONDON                                  LONDON
RA230 1445 Mon/Sat                      RA229 0800 Fri/Sun
via Frankfurt and Dubai                 Via Dubai and Frankfurt

MOSCOW                                  MOSCOW
SU561 1540 Sat                          SU562 1700 Sat

OSAKA                                   OSAKA
RA412 1845 Sun via Shanghai             RA411 0005 Sun via Shanghai

PARIS                                   PARIS
RA232 1445 Thu                          RA231 0800 Wed 
via Frankfurt and Dubai                 via Dubai and Frankfurt

PARO                                    PARO
KB107 0825 Mon/Thu                      KB108 1425 Mon/Thu

SINGAPORE                               SINGAPORE
RA408 1600 Mon/Thu via Bangkok          RA407 1400 Wed/Sun via Bangkok
SQ414 1215 Thu/Sun via Dhaka            SQ413 1345 Thu/Sun via Dhaka

VARANASI                                VARANASI
IC252 1425 daily                        IC251 1505 daily

BG: Biman Bangladesh Airlines           RA: Royal Nepal Airlines
IC: Indian Airlines                     SQ: Singapore Airlines
KB: Druke Air (Royal Bhutan Airlines)   SU: Aeroflot Russian Airlines
LH: Lufthansa German Airlines           SZ: China Southwest Airline
PK: Pakistan International Airlines     TG: Thai Airways International
Q7: Quatar Airways

(Note: RA230/232 FRA/ORY/FRA leg has been withdrawn till August 28, 1996)

N.B. The above schedules are subject to change without prior notice. You are requested to confirm flight arrival and departure times with the concerned airlines and to reconfirm your seat reservation three days before your departure.

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