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Welcome to Thamel, the most important tourist area in the kingdom of Nepal. With a wide range of hospitality houses, from hotels, lodges and restaurants, to travel agencies, trekking organizers, shopping complexes, and rafting trip operators, it may seem to someone who has come to Nepal for first time that everything is available to the visitors within the one square kilometer that is Thamel.
This home page has been put together by Thamel Tourism Development Committee to assure that your stay in Nepal will be more pleasant and with its help you will be better oriented regarding where to get information and other facilities and get a basic picture of the activities you may wish to indulge in. This map may become one of your most important assets as you search for travels, treking, rafting and jungle adventure establishments that operate in Thamel. Important places such as banks, Department of Immigration, and restaurants and hotels are also marked, linked to their web site, if available, and further information is available if you contact us directly.
We hope that you will find your stay in Thamel pleasant and look forward to providing you further services.

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