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An introduction of Thamel Tourism Development Committee

hamel Tourism Development Committee (TTDC) is a social organization devoted to the institutional development of the tourist sector. It is a non-profit making institution founded with the objective of working in the interest of those who are involved in the tourism field and for the promotion of tourism for the betterment of the national economy. Established in 1989, (TTDC) lays special priority and emphasis on environmental protection and cleanlinessespecially in Thamel and wants to develop the area as a model tourisn center by discouraging social malpractices and inconsistencies TTDC has come a long way in fulfilling its goal and objectives. It has been able to gain the respect of tourist entrepreneurs and well-wishers. The activities of TTDC are not limited to tourism promotion of the Thamel area but the development of the whole industry. Activities at the national level, for example World Tourism Day, New Year Celebrations, and Thamel Nights are some of the programs that it has been a part in or initiated.

Tourism is an important industry around the world today. In a developing country like Nepal, promotion of this industry is important as it is the major source of foreign currency. Development of this sector needs the concerned effort of both the government and the private sector. We are of the view that His Majesty's Government should assist and encourage the active participation of the private sector in tourism and TTDC needs and requests the cooperation of the government and other concerned agencies. Participation in policy making, implementation and evaluation of tourism sector of TTDC and other organizations in our field may contribute significantly to the betterment of such policies.

TTDC has been conducting various activities aimed at enhancing positive environment for tourism promotion in the Thamel area and some of these are outlined below.

1) In order smoothen traffic flow and minimize congestion, one way traffic system has been introduced in congested areas. This has facilitated flow of traffic.

2) Since inception, TTDC has been initiating cleaniness campaigns. This year, it distributed plastic buckets for door to door collection of garbage.

3) Various cultural festivals functions such as Thamel Night, New Year celebration, Cultural programs and international press meetings are held regularly.

4) With a view to providing swift and reliable informations on tourism an information centre has been set up at Thamel. TTDC requested the help of the ministry of tourism to undertake this venture and was provided support by the department of tourism.

5) TTDC has started publishing "MAP OF THAMEL" which provides detailed information on the Thamel area.

6) Concerned authorities have been requested to maintain law and order in the area and also to improve the roads and sewerage system.

7) The Municipal Corporation has been requested to remove garbage by debuting adequate number of sweepers and implementing rules and regulations effectively.

To carryout its activities effectively, TTDC has formed different sub-committes with respective coordinators. Sub-committes have been formed to cover traffic flow improvement, discourage of social malpractices, regular supply of electricity, sports development, economy, public relations, publicity, drainage and sewarage, cleaniness etc.

It is a heartening to note here that TTDC has been nominated a member of the "VISIT NEPAL YEAR 1998" committee and member of Environmental Protection Council of Kathmandu Municipal Corporation. The committee has been obtained affilatory membership of the Social Welfare council, and other newly formed Advisory Security Committees registered with the Directory General of Department of Tourism, Deputy Inspector General of Nepal Police, Chairman of ward no. 29 and president of TTDC, to enhance security awareness.

The increasing tourism activity and popularity of Thamel area is well known. We wish to further promote the area for which co-ordination and cooperation of everyone, including the government is needed. TTDC plans to celebration silver jubilee of tourism in Thamel this year.

TTDC is always concerned with the environmental conservation as well and in this respect, we have raised our voice against providing import license to diesel fueled taxis.

We are committed to work for tourism promotion and environmental protection in the days to come and look forward to everyone's support.

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