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f you are in Kathmandu a place you cannot miss visiting is Thamel because it is here that you will see interesting sights, hear different sounds, and sample exotic food. Also, the town is a shopper's paradise and you will be overwhelmed with the various kinds of products that are sold in the area.

In Thamel, you will find statues made with the finest craftsmanship because metal work is one of the oldest crafts of teh Nepalese people and is more than 1300 years old. Craftsmen use an ancient technique to make brass and bronze figures of Hindu and Buddhist gods and godesses such as the Buddha, Shiva or Tara. When you select a statue, note the details like the way the eyes have been painted or the fingers have been cast.

The Newars are especially known for producing the intricate woodcarving on temples and houses. Shops sell various kinds of wood carvings to please the eye. Some carvings may be the replica of traditional designs but are available in smaller sizes. Picture frames, chests, jewelry boxes, full sixe doors, tables, and wall decorations are some of the sale products.

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