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Taking back home a Tibetan carpet could be the right souvenir. You can get carpets in various designs, colors and sizes. These are traditional Tibetan rugs which have bright colors and bold designs, neo-Tibetan rugs which have pastel colors and traditional designs, and modern ones with pastel colors and floral or abstract designs. Traditional Tibetan techniques are used to make the carpets. Pure Tibetan or a mix of Tibetan and New Zealand wools are used to make the best carpets and handspun yarn gives the highest quality.

Kathmandu is the place to go "gem haunting" because a wide variety of gems are available at a resonable prices. But you should be careful when you buy these precious stones because assessing their quality is difficult. Note that the real topaz is not mined in the country and yellow citrine is locally called "golden topaz." Tourmaline, Afghanistan lapiz lazuli, aquamarine, sapphire, blue kyanite cobochons, amethysts, turquoise are some of the gems that are sold in jewelry shops.

In Nepal, gold and silver jewelry are popular among the local women. The smiths are skilled and can produce rings, necklaces, and bracelets in a short time. Most jewelers inform customers about the quality of their gold and silver.

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