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The dhaka cloth is widely used by local people in Nepal and is expensive as well. The cloth is usually used to make ladies blouses and topis (traditional Nepali hats). Other types of cloth are the soft Pasmina woolen shawls, Dolpo blankets, and colorful block-printed handlooms. The intricately-woven imported Bhutanese cloth, and a domestic silk called tussar are some of the other varieties available.

Buddhists usually hang thangkas in their monasteries and these Tibetan scroll paintings display Buddhas, mandals and meditation deities and Bodhisattvas. If you're keen on buying them you don't necessarily need to buy the expensive types. Nowadays, inexpensive thangkas made from modern materials that look good ar sold in large amounts. The highest quality thangkas are made from ground mineral pigments. To judge a painting, you should study the detail work of the hands and fingers of the tiniest figures.

The Newars make paubha paintings which have religious significance for them and these are available in all the three cities: Bhaktapur, Patan, and Kathmandu.

Replica of masks worn during ritual dances are available in Nepal. The papier mache masks of the Nawa Durga dancers of Bhaktapur and Lakhe dancers are worth a buy.

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