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Manufacturer of Cashmere/Pashmina Shawls, blanket and other items

The Company

Chen Resik Pashmina Industries is a bonafide company registered under the law of the Kingdom of Nepal and granted legal permission to export finest Pashmina goods directly out of Nepal. The company itself has been in existence for over 6 years and has exported Pashmina shawls, blankets and scarfs directly to buyers from the United Stated and Western Europe. It has its own capability in manufacturing and dyeing of Pashmina items with a fully equipped color-matching laboratory.   It also has the capability to develop, produce and export items required by importers in the destination  countries.
Pashmina and Silk
The Product

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     Pashmina with hand embroidery   
The product for which CHEN RESIK has developed an expertise is Pashmina. The question that may be asked is what exactly is Pashmina? Pashmina is one of the softest forms of wool found in nature. It is obtained from the underbelly of the Himalayan goat, which resides above 10,000 feet
(about 3050  meters).   
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                  100% Pashmina

The finest of all wools comes from the underbelly of the Capra Hircus goat, reared in remote regions of the Himalayas. Moghal Emperors, 18th century ladies in France and St. Petersburg in the gentle softness and regal texture of Pashmina. The shawls made from this wool were as precious as jewels and transmitted from generation to generation.

Mode of Manufacture

work.jpg (8771 bytes)Pashmina shawls, scarf or blanket is hand-woven from Pashmina yarns either with silk warp or Pashmina warp by local craftsmen who have managed to keep this indigenous craft alive since 100 years back. The entire process (i.e. spinning, warping, druming, drafting, weaving, washing, massaging, fringe making) of manufacturing Pashmina shawl is by hand only in the traditional method.

About Dyes and Shade

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       Pashmina & Silk
In blend of silk and pashmina and 100% pashmina, currently we offer a choice of over 150 shades providing our customer much flexibility in choosing colour and shade. We use only dyes from Switzerland ie. From Ciba geigy, Sandoz or Clariant. It gives high wash fastness and light fastness at same time coloring effluents on   environment is almost negligible. We do have fully equipped color matching lab to meet the different colour choices of our customers and changing trends every year. chen.h10.jpg (9275 bytes)
          40 x 180 Scarf

Our regular popular sizes and qualities are:

Sizes in Inches Sizes in cm
12 x 60 Scarf
16 x 72 Scarf
26 x 81 1/2 Shawl
36 x 81 Shawl
52 x 81 Blanket
30  x 150 Scarf
40  x 180 Scarf
65  x 200 1/2 Shawl
90  x 200 Shawl
130 x 200 Blanket

All of these are regular sizes woven with 1 ply and 2 ply pashmina in silk warp and in pashmina warp.  For irregular sizes and patterns, order can be made, but the minimum quantity required to develop these sizes can be negotiated on an individual order basis.

For further information please contact:
Mr. Samir Bhattarai/Mr. L. Adhikari
Fax: 977-1-471823 Tel: 470826 P. O. Box: 413

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