Pashmina is considered to be among the softest wool found in nature. Sheared from the mountain goats (Chyangra in Nepali) of the high Himalayas, Pashmina products are world renowned for their exotically silky texture, lightness, and the warmth they emit.Nepal being the country of the Himalayas is naturally suited for Pashmina production.


          We at Everest Nepal Pashmina and Handicraft manufacture, sell, and export Pashmina goods and other handicrafts. Keeping up with global traditions we have tried to go international by creating this web site.



Our major quality export products are following:
  • Pure Pashmina Shawl, Scarves, Blankets, Sweaters, Pullovers & Jacket
  • Silk Pashmina: Shawl, Scarves, Blankets
  • Cotton Pashmina:Shawl, Scarves, Blankets
  • Other Items:Angora Pashmina, woolen pullovers, pure silk & pure cotton cloth, nepali dhaka cloth, silk tie, natural fibre cloth
We also deal in other Nepalese handicrafts such as masks, metal and wooden statues, Nepalese paintings, Thanka, Nepalese Jewllery and X-mas gifts item.

If we have been able to arouse your interest, and you need samples, price list and other details about our product please contact us in the following address:


K.Raj Koirala
Kathmandu, Nepal
Post Box : 3421
Phone/Fax : 977-1-493854 (Off.)
Phone : 977-1-352409 (Factory)