Indiana Jones Style Adventure in Nepal

Nepal is more than Mount Everest and the mighty Himalayas Sherpa guides and inscrutable monks. It's land where time has stood still, inhabited by warm and friendly people with an infectious sense of fun. Against this unique Nepalese backdrop, we will give you a week that you will never forget. We will shoot you down rapids, trek you across the most breathtaking mountain scenery in the world, waft you through the savannah on the back of the elephant in search of rhino, and show you that life without electricity is not only possible, but magical in its own right. And there is more. After the adventures there is sightseeing and bargains to be had; sandalwood carvings, spectacular hand embroidered shirts, hand-made silk and woolen carpets… and all at a fraction of what one would pay in one's home country. Out adventure to Nepal can be combined with 4 to 8 days trek to the magnificent Annapurna region.

Nepal Accommodation

There are two versions of our tour.

The standard holiday is in 3 star accommodation in Kathmandu, Royal Chitwan National Park.

The superior holiday is in the first class hotel, Kathmandu and Chitwan. All accommodation is on a bed and breakfast basis except whilst at Chitwan when full board is included. List of hotels after tour is confirmed.